Why Trump? And what now?



This is a channeled piece from the Lemurians and Pleiadians.

"This is a time for your ascension, not your demise. Be careful with your thoughts and projections for these are what got you to the place in which you stand now. He represents mostly a fearful self but this fearful self is a reflection of you, which can be transformed through love. And what if he was light? What if he was a soul that came forth to help us see our missteps in fear and lead us back to love? What if he, like Jesus, decided to embody something to exemplify our ability to love? It is your turn and time to activate. If there are dwellings of love and inspiration within you that lay dormant, it is now that you must activate what many call your purpose. It is now that you must be pristine with your thinking and actions. It is now that you must employ your consciousness to truly live in awareness of the whole.


Why Trump?

This is someone that the collective has chosen to protect their fears and their fearful-selves. We must remember that this was an election process that was mandated by our electoral thoughts and emotions. It is not just the people who voted for him, but the ways in which we all direct ourselves from fear that has created this outcome. So it was less the counting of the votes, but a vibrational match of the whole. The voting process took place long before the election. There has been a vibrational base created that supported him becoming president.


This is not about a political party, this is about you. This is about your grandiose contributions to the whole. We are not separate. Every thought, every feeling and every action is felt and is a direct contribution to the whole, of which you are. If you consider yourself a liberal, you are in fact not separate from a conservative republican, if you can activate this awareness within your own life and then out to the greater existence you will shape shift your own fear and his (Trump’s).


Why did this happen?

This manifestation has been elected not only to push you forward into your awakening but also to look at where the problems exist and where we must fill in these spaces with light. We must consider the individualistic lives that we often choose that are based in survival of the self, and less about a giving forth through one’s essence to the whole. You have set the stage for his arrival and so he easily walked in. 


We often must look things in the face to transform them and he is the perfect vehicle for this. He is leading you much faster towards your awakening than Hilary would have. There have been many years compiled of a collective complacency and ignoring of your infinite self and your ability to activate change. Your society has been on autopilot collectively for quite some time and not participating in the democratic opportunities that are available and this election has woken people up.


What can we do now? How can we create change?

He is the perfect catalyst to call forth your souls and change. He is not separate from you. If he exists in your reality, you hold beliefs and perceptions similar to him, perhaps not as grave but let’s take judgment as an example. He is often blamed for being racist or a separatist. Think about the ways in your life that you may separate yourself from your truth, and then become disillusioned that you are separate from your neighbor.


This is requiring a calling forth of your love but please know that this must work through you. We find it ironic that you can pray for oneness and peace when there can be so many pockets within that are not healed by these very essences. The work you do personally is directly related to the whole. It is how you cast votes into the ethereal about yourself, your perception of the world around you and others. There is a great turning of the tides that must happen, and he will help to take you there more swiftly. You must be soldier of love, you must employ this wherever you go, you must envision a light filled future, and you mustn’t let fear ride over you swaying you into submission.


Be gentle dear ones, this is an awakening to live more consciously. Each decision you make is a vote and a contribution to the collective reality. Every purchase, every thought of judgment, every energetic projection counts. Please come back to your soul, to the soul of the earth, please surround yourself in nature. Please awaken the bigger part of you that came forth with such intention to love. Do not get trapped in the fear trappings it will only keep you stuck collectively longer away from love. This is why you came. Do not sleep.


Consumerism is a dangerous ploy to keep you asleep, there are may systems in place that must fall to be rebuilt. The earth has carried inhabitants for millions of years, it will rejuvenate, but it is the source of your existence here, the very thing to support your expansion.


What are some actualized steps we can take? 


1.     Where am I holding fear? What could be the solution to this? If I am afraid of war, what is the solution to war? It is diplomacy, compassion and realization of oneness. If that is so, what are the areas in your life that you are at war with another or yourself? Heal this now.


2.     How can I be an activator for change? How can I turn this boat around? What are the gifts that I hold intrinsically that may help others to live more awake and from love? Please employ these now. Do not fear. Do not live from limitation. You are infinite in your truth.


3.     Where am I leading with my ego? In what ways do I feed my ego? Take a real look at your desires, the why of what you are doing and why you are here. What would your soul want? Be careful not to entertain the ideas of the ego, the soul will lead you fervently on your path.


4.     Forgive. You must forgive him, the states, the fearful identities and that of your own. The truth is you are all one soul; these are only mirrors reflecting back to you parts of your fearful self. Dilute the need to separate and hold others responsible for your suffering.


5.     Pain is the greatest catalyst for change. Activate now from love do not fight against things. Stop talking about the limitation and start activating your truth for it is the very solution you seek. Where are you being dormant in your existence?


Please do not hold heavy hearts, please take compassionate accountability in where you may lead with the ego and begin to infuse that with love. You did not come to blame or lay dormant. If there is a time to reach your purpose, fulfill your potential and activate love, it is now. Do not judge others for holding fear, for we all become disillusioned and enticed by it.


You are here now to create a new stronghold from the foundation of which you truly are, of God, love, and your eternal self. So how could this current manifestation of fear hold a candle to this? Your brilliance is being called forth. You know the dreams and the areas that are waiting to grow from within you; you can see how grave it is to ignore these. Please care for the vessels (your body) that you have chosen and the environment around you. Where can you employ consciousness today? We repeat often that love has no bounds, so this is a time where we must employ all the love that is possible. You must infuse your own love into the whole. Please continue to offer high thoughts of our future, do not fight against fear for it will only ensue."



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