A Conscious Year In Review: Setting Yourself Up For Success in 2018

A lot happened in 2017 that was challenging. Collectively. Personally. But the solution never lies within the same vibration as the problem. AKA it ain’t gonna help to make 2017 ‘bad’ in order to turn things around in 2018. In fact, it's quite the opposite.  It's just not how the universe works...or your brain. You can't experience fear and appreciation at the same time, they're mutually exclusive. You also can't move out of something without changing your mentality and state of receiving. 

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The light beings continue to share that we are not separate from the chaos we witness and that although at times it feels like our hands our empty in helping with the 'bigger' issues, all change is meant to move through us individually. Love is the energy that creates all things, and gratitude may be the quickest route to being an agent of change. 


A Channeled Piece from the Pleiadains on the Power of Gratitude


"To access gratitude is to access peace. To access gratitude is to access your truth. To summon gratitude is to surrender the game of suffering. To express your gratitude is to acknowledge the power of love which is the energy that creates all things.  In truth, this simple practice brings us so quickly into alignment with our soul there may be no other better practice. To access gratitude is to stand in empowerment, to realize the gifts that lay before you and within and to extract the ever blossoming essences of your glory.


Do not be fearful of what is not, we mean to say do not hold fears about your future, release shame of the past, all empowerment is now. Allow for the wings of gratitude to guide you to your greatest destiny. It is within the activation of the heart that all solutions reside. It is within your inner knowing, your connection with God and your higher self that all things are born.


You dear one, are a mighty agent for change. The universe only awaits your awareness and activation of this. Be thankful for the love that is ever present around you, be thankful for the loved ones who support you on your journey, be thankful for this very moment in which you stand, knowing that all is possible when you turn your gaze upon God and love. We mean that when you lay your eyes on the perfection of what is you immediately create the ability for all things to shift around you."


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