We're all asking 'why' and considering how we can individually and collectively make a difference. I asked the light beings for some help around Charlottesville and what we can easily apply to the recent events in Barcelona. At the bottom of this blog I share an action step I'm taking... I hope you can join me. 

"We are elated you have come to us with your questions and we honor your ability to share these messages with your reach, the masses, the ones who pose the same questions as you; the ones with heavy hearts, the ones who feel they have empty hands, the ones we are teetering on fear and anger and blame but truly want to activate change.


We first and foremost call you within. We all know that no solution is reached by reacting. We ask you to get quiet and we ask you to tap into your hearts for this is the engine of change that will create a wave of higher revolution. As you gaze upon those that seem they have lost their way, it should inspire you to have even more dedication, direction and commitment to your purpose and potential. We know that at times these messages seem repetitive, but we will continue to support you where you stand.


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These atrocities are happening because of the great imbalance that exists collectively. This is a small representation of ‘us and them’, of separation at it’s core, of fear. Look at the wealth distribution on your planet. Look at the wealth that exists for example in your country and that of suffering communities in Africa. This is caused by a lack of regard for things that exist beyond your sentient or immediate environment. However, when one is quiet and aligned individually they are divinely directed they help to create peace and balance beyond their awareness. Think of the change that someone like Nelson Mandela created, think of the quiet contemplation that he participated in and the dedication he took in his work. Look at the way he has changed an entire globe, all through his own dedication. Your calling may be different, but it is the same in waking people up; to their potential, to wisdom, to their own activation of truth. This is everyone's purpose and when you leave this at the way side you also contribute to the great imbalances of the world.


We don’t want you to see this as a duty, we are merely explaining why it is occurring. We can summarize this particular group by explaining that ultimately they feel so disempowered, so threatened by the outside world, that they are using their own fear tactics to bully people into feeling the way they do. Your civilization will continue for some time to mull over ‘us and them’ until you finally activate."


 HOW DO WE create change? 


"If you have a superpower (which you do) and you are not using it to your full potential you are a part of the story that is hurting you. Much is being brought to the light at this time. But sitting on your hands and on your superpowers you will allow chaos and disengagement to continue. If you were totally tapped into your power you would see the solution, you would not tap into fear and sorrow. We are not saying that these are not valid emotions, these are wonderful stepping stones to empowerment. We are just asking you to be honest with yourselves about where you stand in this moment.


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You MUST share love. You must see love, you must activate love now. We could say it’s too late, but love is the energy that creates all things, it is what the moon and stars are made of. Everything is energy and love is the highest vibration. Please do not waste time expending anything but this. There is no time for this. What can you offer from where you stand? What superpowers do you have to share with the world? You are all here to save the world in this way. Not from suffering, not from fighting, not from making wrong, but by sharing your love. Where in your life are the crevices that need to be filled with light?


  • Make a list of things you have not done yet creatively that you have been waiting to do. Where are you not giving to yourself to foster your innate and divine connection? Is it mediation? Is it nature? FEED YOUR SOUL. The mind is full of information, it only waits bigger and better jobs.


  • Make your goals global. Do not think small. You did not come here to be small. You do not come here to accumulate things or status, you came here to learn the depths of love. These souls are here to teach you that. They are here with their torches to be seen, to be healed and to be turned to light. Please think of them as energy, please do not give them power with your cameras or continued focus in fear for it only builds their voices. Use yours, but please use it in love. They are here to help you activate, nothing more.


What else can people do?


  • They can call their congressmen, they can get involved and use their voice, but to spread LOVE. It is not to make people wrong, but to expose truth. If you are tied up in changing the minds of others, you are tied up. (Please also see links at the bottom of this blog for more resources.)


  • How do you expose truth? You have conversations with those around you in your immediate circle. You tap in, you go within. You cannot just exist in the mind, you must first tap into your heart, this is what will guide you. You can share your perspectives, but do not usher those around you to immediately absorb them; be patient, be kind. You must activate your own truth before you activate the truth of others.


  • You can dissect your own actions and train of thought. Where are you being irreverent to the world around you in particular? Where may you not be acknowledging the perspective of others? Consider each other as God, as light as love, as truth. When you engage with someone on the street, try to really see them and understand them. As you recognize their divine presence you also awaken yourself.


  • Be cautious of the media you intake, begin to tell your own story. You must activate your hearts. This has been created in a sense because many have been on autopilot.


How do we access compassion or understanding for them?


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The practice of compassion is an easy one. The first part lies within considering the makeup of the particular soul. Their soul has had the courage to come into this life with such forgetfulness, containing so much contrast ONLY to shed light on your own. We understand this is not an easy concept for some humans to absorb but your reach is ready for this information.


  • See them as a soul. At their core, they are light. It is not your job to change their minds or to condemn them, it is your job to shine so brightly their fear is obliterated, that it has no power.


  • If you choose to use the word forgiveness, you can also forgive others along their path that were so forgetful. For example, as a child, do you believe they received the loving care that you did? Even if so, their hearts have not been fostered as yours. So with this fostered heart, how will you use it? Will you use your energy, time and space acting the same hate they do?


  • This brings up the general idea of forgiveness but before forgiveness you have already given your power away to another. You have let their pain activate your pain and illusion. If someone ‘does you wrong’ you have accepted the idea that your worth, value or dependence comes from another when only you do that. So instead of forgiving them, offer compassion for their pain, suffering and forgetfulness.


The truth is the power is only in your hands. It lies nowhere else. It lies not in the government, or a small group of individuals, or an official or elected leader, it lies within your hands. You are millions. You are billions. You must feel and activate your truth.


This is a movement of a light and you are a part of it. Or are you not?"



Here are some additional resources and easy ways you can continue to use your voice:

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