The Root Of Our Environmental Issues + The Foundation Of Change We Need

Included below is a transmission from the pleiadians received During a live channeling session on retreat. someone asked how we can make a difference with the environmental issues we’re experiencing.



“What can we do to make a difference or help the environment? It seems like nature is suffering…” 

This is one of the reasons you are experiencing a rise of consciousness – because it is needed. You know it’s not that the earth that’s suffering but the self-destruction of humanity that you are witnessing that would hold concern. It’s due to the disconnect we have created - from ourselves, each other and the earth, but primarily from the self. 

The time you’re living in now is quite individualistic. When people lived in smaller groups, in what you may call ‘tribes’ they had their needs met within that tribe. Now your needs can be sought after and satiated from all over the world. This goes against the natural order of life. If you look at nature, you cannot take a plant that is accustomed to heat and moist air and place it somewhere like Canada. 

People are reaching far outside of themselves to fill something inside. It’s the disconnect with the heart – the communal self – that is the greater issue. When we disconnect form that part of ourselves, we become less aware, concerned or accountable for the impact of our choices. If one buys something from an area that’s causing great pollution or many trees to be cut down, they have their individual needs met but they don’t see or know what is going on there. We’re disconnecting form our own eco-system - how we naturally work. We have unplugged from the other person’s experience with the individualistic society we have now. The fact is it is still our experience, we are still affected by it - we have just become disconnected from our awareness of it.

Spiritual Meaning of Global Warming.jpeg

There are great things that come from a tribal or communal society because there are customs, rituals and roles that are kept intact that keep us connected, supported, seen and working together. We are not saying that this is a better way to live. We are just explaining how you got to the place where you are now. It is mostly the “I” that has created the imbalance. It is the identity that is the root of all problems. But there was a deep desire to experience freedom of expression, to break free from these roles and this way of being, so you are now experiencing an extreme of individual expression.

  • So, what is ideal for you to do to shift this? It is to ask yourself, ‘How can I be of service?’  It is to be of service within our radius instead of saying, ‘How could I possibly do anything?’ We are forgetting our ability to shift, change and effect the environment we live in which in turn affects the whole. It is to be aware of those around you and consider them your kin. It is to remember that our truth is in the ‘we’.

  • Primarily you can look at where the ‘I’ is playing out in your life.  Where are you coming from the ‘I’? This can also be an inquiry of what the ‘I’ is doing - with my actions, my purchases, etc. Why am I buying this? Who is buying this? Who holds the need in this action? 

  • Do not underestimate the power of soft conversations with others, of educating yourselves, and close attention to where your heart is pulling you. Because of the illusion of attainment, there is not much energy being spent in attention to these things. In other words, you are being distracted from your innate heart and about the depths of what is happening.  It is more so the immediate future generations that will experience the majority of the consequences. 

  • We also would like to offer the power of prayer and gratitude. Not because you are sending off some magical energy, although that is happening, you are connecting your heart with places, people and issues so that you may be of service and so that you can move through life more awake, aware and conscious. 

  • Please do not underestimate your personal choices and your ability to make a difference by the way you affect people when you do ‘the work’. When you are opening your heart and really understanding truth, and emanating that truth, you need not say a thing to affect those around you. We are not saying be docile - we are just reminding you of the potential from where you stand. When one is clear in their heart, intentions and idea of self, their actions are immensely more permeable.

It is an important time. Things are moving very quickly. And there are many many distractions, but you are here doing the work. We want to thank you for your hearts – we appreciate the love that you are generating. Please be sure to bring this out into the world. It is everything. Your heart is where all change will initiate and transpire. You must be clear which self is your driving force, the eternal self holds all truth and solution.