A Plunge Into The Infinite.... Five Ways To Jump In

I’m doing a trust fall with the universe.

In the past few months, I left a place I called home for over 10 years, sold most of my belongings, quit my comfort job, and now I’m doing something I have been talking and dreaming about most my life. I’m moving to Europe. The pic above is the house I will be living in in France! Don’t worry, I’m taking you with me! I'm going there to write a book, create some super exciting program work for my peeps (YA YOU) and yes, I will be doing skype sessions from this cute little villa!


But in all honesty,  I realized I have to “be about it” – how else can I teach to align with your soul’s calling and the universe but to really do it?!

I’m no expert, but I am giving it a shot. I’m letting go and ripping off the comfort blankets. And ok, I’ve had my moments of “gimmie my blankieeee!” but wowza the liberation, inspiration and excitement it has created. I have been astounded by the ways I have been supported in this plunge. It's almost like the universe is preemptively answering my bigger desires before I even ask for them. 


I started dipping my toe in to the infinite waters of possibility and the universe came in with a strong current, I had no choice but to surrender.

When we start to let go of the ego's grip, the universe provides gifts and manifestations of abundance we could never conjure up ourselves. I still can't believe the expansive pathways the universe continues to provide. It's like, "You grow girl!" - Giving me no choice but to expand... and apparently make bad 90's puns. ;)

I’m SO excited to share about the programs and offerings that are to come, I’m going to be working my booty off!  Although I can’t disclose it all now, take a look around my new site for some sneak peaks... Psychic Boot Camp will be launch this year, along with another exciting program in which I'm basically teaching you EVERYTHING I know. And if you miss me, you can come join my first "Heaven On Earth" Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Tuscany! And yes, there will be wine ;) 

How to align with your infinite potential and cash in on that life you've been talking about.


1.     Meditate. I know you've heard it before, but don’t roll your eyes just yet.. ;) There is a reason every guru and master offers this resolve. If we want to live from our soul and our connection to the infinite, we have to practice tapping into it. Our physical sensory system is much stronger than the intuitive system only because it is more practiced.

Here’s a new meditation to kick start your connection...


2.     Be compassionately accountable. The first step to true empowerment and alignment is to identify what thoughts, beliefs and behaviors we have held that have created our current circumstance. We create EVERYTHING. If we believe life happens to us, we can never really embrace the infinite potential that is available for us. I’m always like…”Hey girl, I’m watching you!” During this transition I have felt like I’m walking on a tight rope, one side is fear and the other love and trust. Take a look at each thought you have, is it from fear or love? (HINT: if you are thinking from fear, you will create a circumstance to support the fear!)

Careful with those wands! We are manifesting ALL the time. 


3.     Unplug from the past. If I had asked my mom for advice about this life plunge (sorry, mom!), she would have told me to keep my job and maybe re-think things, perhaps to step more gingerly and to make decisions only when the next more comfortable, “sensible” circumstance is provided. The only way to grow is to identify with the unknown, the creative self, the infinite. What comfort blanket can you take off?  Your reality now is ONLY a result of your past thinking. Think of it as the ego trying to stay comfortable. How is your perceived safety serving you and how can you begin to create safety through trust in your connection to the infinite? This one takes some courage, but the payoff is immeasurable.

 Letting go of the ego's grip = infinite freedom


4.     Feel it. I literally don’t pay much attention to what IS when I manifest. That's right, I act like a crazy person.  Practice the feeling of what it would feel like to have the thing you are attempting to manifest.  How can you bring something to you if you are not practicing the vibration of it? It’s actually a vibrational law. Unfortunately we have been taught to create from lack. “I don’t have any money, I have to make some money” = continued lack of money. The real money maker is, “Oh… I love having money, it makes me feel so free. Wow, I have so much freedom in my life, look at all the things I can do now that make me feel free!” 

We live in a vibrational universe, what vibration are you putting out? 


5.     Test it! Test the waters. See what happens, but you have to do 1-4 first. Otherwise you'll be shaking your fists at the mighty universe, like, "Is this mic even on?"! Start small, have fun with it and take baby steps at first. Celebrate the little transformations, how else do we get good at something, but to practice? The good news is we are surrendering to the bigger part of us, it just takes a little remembering.

Change doesn't happen without change. 


A Channeled Message from Quan Yin about taking a plunge...

Leading with your heart is no small act, but what many fail to recognize is that it is the key to ones happiness and enfoldment. The gifts that will be bestowed onto you and from you will be immeasurable. How courageous can you be with your heart? This is in direct relation to your spiritual enlightenment.

What if you could access the power of your soul’s voice and more any time, any where, on demand?