Soul Time With Archangel Raziel

I channeled Archangel Raziel over the weekend. He is known to bestow divine wisdom to help us along our learning journey...AKA life! He had some interesting things to share, along with a simple practice to help us tap into our souls. 

"I am the divine foreseer of truth, truth as you will understand it.


Truth as we know it shifts and changes at the same rate and in direct correlation to our ascension and understanding of what IS.


Many call me the messenger of God, or the angel that is responsible for tying in the two worlds, of the divine and the physical. As you know, this is changing, as is my role.


We would like to talk to you about the evolution of souls on earth. These life lessons that are unfolding before you are of great consequence for you and the greater good. There is an awakening now as souls are pushing through egoic patterns to express themselves more fully to assist in this shift and balancing of all energies. Many of you are feeling that old ways of being in the world are not working like they used to. Your soul is pushing you into your next state of evolution. We are encouraging you to follow these nudges, do not be fearful of this change, you will be astounded in the ways that your soul is able to navigate without your help.


Each day make time for your soul in solitude, silence and connection. Affirm within,

“Soul, I surrender to what you have in store for me, I release any shackles of fear that are keeping me bound to limitation, I call you forth to guide me now.


This simple prayer will create much space for your advancement. Allow your soul to illuminate the path before you.

You are a divine messenger of God as well."

He is saying that we are ALL divine messengers of God, and as we continue to release fear we can more easily align with the soul and become a clearer conduit of our divine expression! Get in touch with me if you want a personal channeled message from an archangel, ascended master or your guides and angels! 

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