Travel - A Segue To Your Soul

How Our Souls Chart Places For Our Growth and How to Tap In


Do you have an insatiable thirst for travel? It’s more than wanderlust occurring: it may be your soul trying to communicate with you and point you in the best direction for your personal and spiritual growth. 



We’re all drawn to different places on this big, beautiful, expansive planet. We all have distinctive magnetic pulls to cultures and countries that stir our hearts and ignite our curiosity. As a Spiritual Medium, I have a unique take as to why we feel such a thirst for travel and the often inexplicable resonance we have with a place we’ve never been before. 


This magnetism we feel is derived from two things: 

  1. Your soul’s familiarity with a place
  2. Your soul’s desire to heal and become more through travel


I never understood why I was brought to tears walking down a ‘random’ street in a European city, or why it seemed like the ‘universe’ kept bringing me back to certain places. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was my soul saying, “Hey, I’ve got a story to tell!”


This is how souls talk: through our hearts, desires and emotions. If you feel a magnetic pull towards a place in the world, I can assure you it’s your soul trying to drag you there or offer a peek into a past-life and an embedded lesson. Travel is a unique way we can answer the calls of our soul and accelerate our inner expansion through external exploration, we just have to listen. 



Have you ever felt at home in a place you’ve never been? Alternatively, have you  ever felt repelled by a certain country or culture? Chances are you have been there before, and you can learn a lot about your soul’s history there by how you feel. 


Tapping into how we feel in a certain place is a great way to communicate with our soul and access our natural born intuition.  We’re all equipped with an inner GPS system that communicates with us through our emotions and energy, we just don’t always have it on. 


About a year and a half ago I unplugged from Los Angeles, a place I chose to call home for over a decade. While I had some wonderful lessons and relationships there, I always knew it was temporary. I’ve spent my time since then traveling mostly in Europe; a place I have always felt the most at home. The second I land there my whole body relaxes. I drop the weight of my bags and any tension I’ve carried from not being in alignment with where my inner GPS tells me to be. Conversely, there are some places I visit where no matter what I do things go horribly: I get sick or there is some sort of disaster and I can’t leave fast enough.


We have relationships with places just as we do people. They teach us about ourselves and challenge us in different ways. Next time you visit a place, try noticing how you feel and use it to your advantage by looking at the lessons the particular axis point has to offer you.


It’s likely you are being brought there to complete a lesson. 



Travel allows us to unplug from the mundane and tap into the allure that in truth is always there for us.  It gets us out of our boxed reality and allows us to access our intuition, the energy that connects all things, and let’s face it… magic. When we switch up our environment we’re forced to turn our inner GPS system on to navigate which is also attached to everyone else’s GPS system.


Have you ever been somewhere and everything seems seamless? Maybe you met the right people at the right time, and things just fell into place? This is another way to tell that you are energetically aligned with a location and going in the right direction.


There is no such thing as coincidence. Synchronicity is a sign that you are aligned with your soul and the ethereal. It’s accessible at all time, but travel allows us to break free of our repetitive thought patterns and expands new pathways in the brain and in turn, the collective energy. 



We think we crave travel, but what we’re really craving—on a deeper level—is personal expansion. Our soul is yearning for development and a further understanding of ourselves and our relationship with the world around us and we’re subconsciously craving the ability to give ourselves permission to feel free.


By placing ourselves out of our routine environment, we’re able to liberate ourselves from expectations of how others are used to seeing us. We get to drop the ego’s tedious narrative and explore new ways of engaging with the world causing us to push past personal limits and experience new heights of expressive freedom. 


Our senses are stimulated by witnessing diverse cultures, terrain and aesthetics - it wakes us up. It allows us to see things as they actually are; incredibly beautiful, magical and interconnected. These experiences help us ignite the feeling of limitless in what we often perceive to be a finite, fixed world, which in turn allow us to activate this same universal law that is within.



In truth, everything we need is available from where we stand, but unplugging from routine and into a ‘new world’ is a direct route to alignment, intuition, magic and expansion. When we let go, the universe is able to provide soulful information and infinite support. If we pay attention, travel can be our shortest route to spiritual growth and guidance to our most expansive expression. If you have an insatiable thirst for travel, you most likely have a deep-seeded hunger to get to know your soul.


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