What Archangel Raphael Had To Say About Travel

Archangel Raphael is known for his healing, but he can also help with travel! I always call upon him when I travel, along with my "travel angels" - all you have to do is ask, and they are happy to help! I channeled Raphael to see what he had to say about travel and what it means from a spiritual perspective....they always be blowin my mind. 


"Haven’t you noticed feeling “at home” in places you have never been? This is your soul's resonance with experience there once before. So in its simplest sense, travel can help you reach places within, touch the soul, feel the knowingness of all times, places, and things within that moment, without doing a thing.


And what if you had this knowing as you did all things in life, the ability to capture each moment as a divine spark of god within. 


We would also like to speak to you about the exercise of pushing or passing limits within by using the physical around you. You came here to experience and play in the physical, so have fun with it.


Doesn’t it seem as though there are infinite places and experiences to be had?


It is so to keep your wonder alive, to help you to feel limitless in what you perceive to be a finite world. 


We speak of travel lightly because there are other ways to ignite the soul, a simple awakening is available by recognizing the divine guidance all around you.


Begin to look for the signs, serendipitous meetings, events of coincidence.


Look at the infinite ways nature expresses itself; sunsets, ocean tides, changing of seasons, the detail in trees…. all reflecting the boundless essence of all things. 


People go on journeys of the soul or wanderlust travels to see things more clearly within. All you need is already there, but unplugging from routine and into a world that shakes yours up is a direct route to pleasure, awareness and expansion. Get quiet within, what does your soul wish for you to know today?


How can you begin to expand your awareness where you are?


Travel helps us to eliminate the unnecessary barriers of fear. We carry so much“armor” that can be replaced with “amor” = love for life and your connection to it. Make a conscious effort to live life fearlessly and watch what shows up. 


A life free of fear is a life fully lived." 


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