The Soulful Entrepreneur: Ranch Edition LEVEL 2


ASHCROFT BC: Sunday, May 26th - Friday, May 31st 2019


ready for a tune up? Think of this as level 2.

Registration is now open. OPen to previous participants in the Soulful Entrepreneur retreatS

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the curriculum. 

  • Re-uping vision for you life and legacy. Setting the bar higher! 

  • Deep work with your horse to explore leadership, our intuitive communication and empowerment throughout the week

  • Giving that intuition muscle a workout - leading from your soul and trust your intuition

  • Touching base with your business and setting a course to take it to the next level.

  • Explore new features, products or services and how to launch them

  • Clear more subconscious roadblocks and move past fears and doubt

  • Step-by-step guide for further levelling up your leadership skills

  • Channeled divine wisdom about where we are and where the ef' we're going. #leadingedgeshit

  • Concrete and specific avenues to expand your reach and impact

  • Learn how to stay on your divine path and know when you are not

  • Breathwork: Breathwork is a two stage pranayama technique that provides a deep emotional release creating mental clarity and spiritual awareness. An embodied, active meditation allows you to use your own energy to receive intuitive messages, release suppressed trauma in the body.

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As purpose driven leaders carving out the time to create the strategy, honing our tools and expanding our capacity is crucial to our growth. Deeply rooting in nature, learning how to listen and unplugging is going to expand that capacity infinitely. No more trial-by-fire only. We are getting intentional about aligning our souls and our businesses.

 We will help you to become more efficient and effective, tap into your intuition, highest purpose and harness exactly how to move past doubt and into a game plan to create your biggest visions.

We're spending 5 days getting unstuck, absorbing tools we'll use for life and making massive personal breakthroughs to reshape our leadership through the new divine feminine paradigm.

Ef' the hustle, we're moving from the grind to aligned and eradicating the old rusty epidemic of 'the struggle’ to  align with others who share the vision and our core values.

Come meet all the other Soulful Entrepreneurs and have a reunion with the participants from your original workshop!

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Soulful Entrepreneur Retreat Ranch Edition.jpg
I stumbled upon the Soulful Entrepreneur Retreat during a time in my life where I was looking to deepen my education; spiritually and in business. The idea of combining these two facets wasn’t on my radar, so to even find this retreat in existence was a godsend
— Karoline Monkvik
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working with horses.

In addition to daily rides, we'll be also be doing ground and liberty work with the horses. This means we can work with them when we're not riding, groom them, and create a deeper connection with them.


the details.

The Soulful Entrepreneur Workshop kicks off in the afternoon Sunday May 26th and wraps up mid-day Friday, May 31st. After group introductions we’ll enjoy the sunset over the lush pastures and set sacred intentions over a fire after a group dinner. Our mornings are slow but purposeful with guided meditation as we ease into the 'work'. Most mornings will be welcomed with our horses as we saddle up and move more deeply into our leadership and intuition.

Every day we'll be creating symmetry with spiritual practices and straight-up business smarts to form your personal roadmap for success. We’ll be creating clear visions, setting big actionable goals and harnessing leadership tools. You’ll be given practical ways to communicate with your soul, trust your intuition and embody your higher self. We’re going deep in workshop material with some soulful breaks with movement, crafting and horsemanship skills to keep the creativity flowing. Balance is key so you'll have some free time, but Bree and I will be providing as much as we can to activate your genius and align you with your biggest visions. Friday we close with a morning practice and a date with nature and final impactful intentions.

Detailed daily itinerary will be included in the welcome package upon registration.

the guides. 

Bree Melanson Spiritual Medium celenbrated psychic.jpg


Bree is a celebrated psychic and medium making her mark on the all-things-esoteric world. She’s putting the ‘chic’ in psy-chic and making it more accessible to everyone; sharing spiritual straight-talk and direct channeled messages from light beings on how to unfold our potential.

Bree’s wide audience ranges from lawyers to artists, celebrities to psychologists, personal coaches, and even other psychics. She supports purpose driven individuals who are ready to dive deep into self discovery get to the root of their constraints and, ultimately, lead with their soul so they can live full, expressed, expansive lives.

The common thread? They’re all people who know they can create the highest version of themselves and need a little know-how and support to create the abundance and joy that is innate and available to us all. Her approach is fresh, contemporary, real and raw, assisting us in lifting the veil between worlds and demystifying the mystical. 


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Jacqueline spent over a decade looking after, supporting and enabling high-profile executives. Honestly, she had mistaken the feeling of validation for a sense of passion and fulfillment. In 2012 another umpteenth layer of the onion was shed and she was able to get to heart of the matter - her purpose. Jacqueline's purpose is to elevate entrepreneurs, connect them to their True North and help them play big and do good. She has developed a way of working that combines the results driven structure of a public company approach with the "fail fast" and experimentation friendly model of the startup world. 

Today her strength lies in seeing the individual strengths and unique "light" in those she works with and in getting entrepreneurs to a place of crystal clear vision, deeply rooted purpose, and specific plan of action. Having spent so long working with industry leading companies like Aritzia and Lululemon and running point on programming and coaching for a startup accelerator, Jacquelinebelieve that entrepreneurship is the solution to many of our societies most pressing issues.


guest teachers.


Miranda Capelle, conscious horse communicatOR

Miranda found her passion for horses at 10.   She studied and showed in dressage as a youth until at 14 she discovered natural/relational horsemanship under the mentorship of Josh Nichol.  Along with managing barns, training horses and teaching riders, Miranda has had experience assisting in Equine Facilitated Wellness workshops which focus on the transformational aspect of the horse/human relationship.  Through her personal process as well as her involvement in the Equine Facilitated Wellness field, she has discovered the profound learning and personal growth possible through connection with horses.

As well as her deep study of the horse/human relationship, Miranda pursued extensive spiritual teachings with Maa Parvathi Nandanath and Carlos De Leon.  These teachings included Tibetan Buddhism, Tantric Shaivism, Taoism, Shamanic practices and various meditation techniques from these different traditions.  She also studied White Crane Kung Fu and Chi Kung and has completed a yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya Gurukul Institute in Nashik, India.

Her lifelong journey in equine and spiritual practices have led Miranda to the awareness that the two are inexplicably connected and that horses offer us a unique potential for a deeper understanding and awareness of ourselves.

Soulful Entrepreneur Retreat horseback riding.jpg
I must say the biggest surprise for me was the healing that occurred while riding horses. I thought of it initially as a “fun” activity but I think it became more therapeutic. I was amazed by the horses’ calming and grounding energy. They taught me more about confidence than my therapist!
— Jenny Tam -

the investment. 

  • Accommodation: 5 nights/5 days at luxury resort ranch accommodations, hours outside of Vancouver BC.

  • All Meals: Down-home country meals, vegetarian/ vegan diets can be accomodated, snacks, tea and coffee so you're nourished and sustained for transformation

  • Spiritual Morning Ritual Starter Kit. 

  • Riding: Daily adventure horseback riding in a combination of morning and afternoon rides. Wranglers provide instruction on the rides. Includes boots.

  • Morning rituals and group mediations led by masterful teachers.

  • Live channeling, group energetic clearings and psychic tools

  • Group coaching, small group work + concrete support to growing your entrepreneurial project.

  • In depth clarity around personal vision, goals and priorities.

  • Practical tools for business planning and growth strategy.

  • Accessing intuition through experiential exercises with horses.

  • Condensed intuitive lessons in moving past limitation + into your soulful self.

  • Optional evening activities: learn to dance the Two Step, rodeo roping lessons, wildcrafting and medicinal plant instruction.

  • Cost Share Accommodation (2 guests per room): $3082 CAD plus GST / $2589 USD.

  • SOLD OUT: Private Room: $3582 CAD plus GST / $3007 USD.

  • Please contact us for payment plans.

  • Notes: the cost does not included transportation to Sundance Guest Ranch and gratuities for ranch staff.

The Soulful Entrepreneur is the antidote to the hustle. I was craving real change—one weekend with Bree and Jacqueline was completely transformative.
— Katharine Manson, Manson Communications

Our workshop is situated on a full service guest ranch located in Ashcroft BC, 4.5 hour drive from Vancouver BC, 2.5 hours from Kelowna Airport or 1.5 hours from Kamloops Airport (regional). 


For international guests flying into Vancouver International Airport (YVR), you can rent a vehicle and drive to Ashcroft BC. Or book regional flight to Kelowna or Kamloops Airport and then rent a vehicle. 

Car-pooling: Once you register we will be adding everyone to a Facebook Group where you can coordinate a car-pool with another guest.


alumni call replay.