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Short channeled daily messages from archangels, ascended masters and light beings. Daily inspiration to create your heaven on earth, manifest your highest visions, and align with your infinite self. I channel messages weekly to receive relative information for our collective awakening into our purpose and potential. Here's what they will look like:


"If you used every circumstance for your evolution consciously you would shape shift your way so quickly into your ultimate dreams and reality. All that lies before you is simply a stepping-stone into your expansion. How can I see this person or circumstance for my betterment, growth and realization of my True self? EVERY thing you lay your eyes upon is for your fruition into what IS".




"You are beginning to see how we are all connected as your inter-web connects you all. This phsyicalization can help you to remember your own interconnectedness and psychic abilities. Now, like never before we are able to see through the eyes of others. This is why social media is so fascinating. Use it to your advantage, remember that all beings are truly one. Send love to those in need, give your opinions lightly and not from a place of fighting to be heard, for the one who screams the loudest is often in the most pain. Exemplify the change you wish to create. You all have great microphones now so in a sense your entire vibration and being is expanding. What do you wish to radiate?" 

archangel michael

"Release all needs for suffering in order to produce or receive something. Society has become somewhat derailed in believing that hard work, sacrifice and even agony are parts of achieving a BIG manifestation. This is false. There is little doing in the creation process in fact.  Allow yourself to be surprised by the ways things can fall into your lap. Acknowledge these incidents to build upon more. Do not complain. Try today, to spend the day without complaining about one thing, watch your thoughts as they will count too. Be gentle on yourself and just replace it with a practice of appreciation in the moment. Building this muscle will bring riches to you as you notice the richness in life." 



"The nature of relationships is complex. There is great desire and great strife but those things are derived from a false sense of self in the first place. So one will only experience heartbreak if they have entered into the relationship under false terms of self. Love will be always the answer, but never to extract it for another to appease yourself. There is great learning in this cycle but your ultimate freedom will be through the eyes of the soul, the infinite, of God. Release others of all obligations and watch the gates open to abundance, love and prosperity." 


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"What if your purpose was to fulfill your understanding of God as much as you could while living in a reality where everything seems so separate? How can you recognize oneness today? This is the most beautiful, courageous and commendable act one can make. Many come to us with questions of purpose but it is within this question that they relinquish their ability to recognize it. All is there for you dear ones. There is no thing that you are supposed to be doing. Your expression is your free will. Your only job is to activate love, which means to be happy." 




"Time is but an illusion to the soul. Allow for your soul to lead you towards a light awakening in the morning. Play with your ability to mutate energy by slowing down your pace. You will be astounded by the way in which you are playing a part in this physical manifestation of time. This will help greatly to weave in your ability to manifest desired outcomes as well – once you realize that time is mutable, all things will seem a little less necessary to control."


"The need to hold onto suffering is derived only from one’s fear of the unknown – what you must realize that all is created within so no thing can be unknown without an intention that already exists within you. Create safety by freeing yourself from limitation and fear and you will be a guiding light of truth, divine life and a force not to be rattled by the fear illusion."



I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to send these amazing messages on a daily basis. They do so much for me and my confidence and my soul. I also find your reminders in sync with other messages I receive in life. It’s pretty cool when that happens. Today’s message really got me and I just had to reply and say thank you. I am humbled and grateful by your words.

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