personalized Insights - straight from the source.

Channeling is the ability to receive direct messages and act as a conduit for light beings like ascended masters and archangels, or your personal master guides so that you can communicate directly with them for divine insight. By reaching a very deep state of meditation and getting myself completely "out of the way," I make space for them to communicate directly through me. 

channeled readings.

There is an infinite amount of information available through channeling.

Transcribed channeled readings allow you to ask a question and receive direct divine advice  on your current situation. Channeling provides essentially the highest, most expansive love filled messages we can receive. The messages are DENSE with new information, from a highly evolved perspective. In most cases, you have to read it several times before it completely seeps in.. these messages are jam packed. 

“When I received my channeled reading from Bree, I was blown away. The messages were so clear and resonated within me so deeply. It was as if I got a handwritten letter written directly from source, giving me the courage and inspiration to move forward into following my souls deepest purpose. Thank you Bree. You are an amazingly clear channel, and have helped me to honor my highest and truest path.
— Danielle R., Hypnotherapist and CMT


You ask the questions, I channel your answers. Your channeled reading(s) will be sent to you via writing. Please allow for up to a 48 hour turn around upon payment.  Questions are $100 USD each. You can ask additional questions by making separate orders.

***Please know that many times your guides will not tell you exactly what to do. Free will is important - this is how we learn and grow. They will however, give you a higher more expansive view on your circumstance so that you can move through it easily to create what you desire and can give you options. Please ask specific questions if you would like specific advice. Example: "What is my purpose?" vs. "Should I be moving out of this job and into the one I am considering?" The second is a better option if you are wanting advice. Keep in mind they will give you tools to expand. You can know your purpose but not be aligned or "there" yet - they want to get you there!***

Now I have a clarity as to where I am going, and the reading confirmed that I am on the right path. Bree’s channeling has given me so much strength and also reminded me what is important to me. Her reading resolved my doubts and reconfirmed my faith.
— Fiona, Los Angeles