Meet your team behind the scenes

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with non-physical beings. As a spiritual medium I communicate with your soul, guides, angels and loved ones who have transitioned.

soul talk.

Curious to know what your SOUL has to say?

Your soul is eternal and it is learning and expanding through your physical life experience now. It is your guiding light yet can lay dormant if not fostered or acknowledged. It communicates with you through emotion and intuition; often when you just "know" something, it is your soul nudging and supporting you in the right direction.

Your soul's perspective is expansive and will remind you why you came here; what your current life lessons are and how to align them with your purpose and experience of true joy. Hearing your soul’s insight and what it’s here to learn will support you in creating lifetimes of change, in gaining clarity into current life choices by exposing past-life information, and by allowing access to eternal knowledge and memory of realities we may not even understand in the physical.

My session with Bree was nothing short of breathtaking. She literally opened the doorway for me to have a direct conversation with my soul and why I’m here this lifetime.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this peaceful and so expansive. I’m bursting light beams at what now feels possible. I actually had a conversation with my soul today. Not the little voice inside my head, not the spineless banter of my ego, but my soul.
— Emma, Life Coach, Switzerland


Your Soul is calling...Are you listening?


your angels and guides. 


We all have angels and guides joyfully assigned to us that help us "behind the scenes".  They have devoted themselves to us, and they learn from us as well.  They gently guide us and provide pathways for growth, they love us unconditionally and see us in the highest light and love.  Angels and Spirit Guides have beautiful messages for us and often valuable insight to share to help us fulfill our highest expression. 


Their advice illuminates our path and creates fields of infinite possibility and expansion. 

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Watching Bree connect with my guides and being able to have a giggle together, with them, over the pain and struggle I’ve been feeling all my life and to then physically experience that pain being pulled and “cleared” from my body was miraculous and at the same time somehow so matter o’ fact.

loved ones who have transitioned.

While loss is one of the hardest things we go through, connecting with a loved one who has transitioned can be a profoundly freeing and elevating experience. They carry beautiful messages of love, forgiveness and hope. In many cases, they assure you that they are more than fine and wish for you to fulfill your joy. Their messages can be life altering and provide a sense of peace about their life experience and passing. You will be surprised by their prospective from their “new” standpoint now that they have transitioned home. Often they have messages about patterns carried down through DNA, and how to help clear and heal them genetically and energetically. 

Bree was able to connect with my father who had passed. I was able to let go of a great amount of resentment and anger that was blocking me in my life. The emotion that she tapped into was incredible, it was a life changing session for me.”
— Reghan, Los Angeles



animal communication.


Animals speak telepathically (aka: without any other sensory medium for communication). So, connecting with them can be quite easy. So easy, in fact, that YOU can do it too!

Through connecting with your pet, I can support you in understanding their needs, knowing more about their wellbeing and give them a channel to express their preferences, concerns and reasons for their behavior. We can also connect with pets after they transition; their messages from the other side are more expansive than you could imagine.




When I had to put down my horse, I thought that I’d never get to experience the same unconditional love and understanding that developed between us. Thanks to Bree, I was able to communicate with Blarney clearly and now can even do so on my own! I knew it was my horse immediately because I felt the same energy and observed the same personality he had when he was still alive. All the guilt I felt surrounding putting him down is completely gone, and now I know that the amazing relationship I have with Blarney will never disappear. Bree, I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful work you’ve done.
— Laura D., Pennsylvania

All sessions are recorded via Skype and you are given the MP3 for yours to keep! 

*I generally book 2-4 weeks out, but I do have a cancelation list and a more immediate time may be available.  All my sessions are via Skype or phone. My personal sessions are usually a mix of belief work, energetic clearings and spiritual mediumship. Most all of my sessions are 2 hours, especially as a new client. If you are looking just for mediumship, an hour would suffice.