The best thing since eyeshadow but for your third eye.

Soul Sculpt 2017 starts October 30th, but take advantage of the free webinar  + get some major tools to connect you more with your soul and intuition! Miss the live class? No worries, get the 2-hour class that's packed with practices and clearings to help supercharge your soul.



Get the inside scoop on the 10 week program that helps you become your own intuitive healer. Yep, that intuition of yours? Get ready to know it on an intimate level. Go soul deep to discover your highest potential, and entertain the thought you, yes YOU, are a full blown master manifestor and intuitive. For real.



  • Chance to get a live free reading + personal clearing on the call! 

  • Gain insight on your past lives + your soul's lessons

  • Learn how and why we store hidden blocks to abundance + how to begin to change them

  • Learn how to muscle test for beliefs + clear your energy

  • Get practices to find + activate your highest expression + intuition

  • Receive group clearings + activations with Bree (she'll be reading the group live!) 


what 2016 soul sculptors are saying...

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“I’ve paid a lot of money for an entire course that I got in ONE module with Bree. She is transparent, thorough and knows this work in depth. Everything is super accessible and practical.”
— Andrea Chlebak, Feature Film Colorist
Soul Sculpt gave me the clarity I needed to take my business to the next level and continues to support me with life tools, meditations and practices to keep me in the mindset and frequency of prosperity and ease. This program was a game changer for me.
— Tori Homes, Owner of Nectar Juicery
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I had health issues including chronic fatigue and stomach issues and was going from medical appointment to medical appointment trying to find the cause of why I felt sick and couldn’t live a normal social and work life. Once I started connecting to my soul and working through the course work (Soul Sculpt) my health issues started to clear week by week and I started to become a happier, healthier and nicer person. My stress levels were dropping and felt I had a new lease of life. The darkness started to lift from my life and it even helped me resolve and clear issues which I had been holding onto for many years with my family. Bree is there for you every step of the journey, this work is invaluable. I highly recommend this to anyone and I will always be eternally grateful to Bree.
— Andrew L., CEO, London, UK



meet bree. 

Bree Melanson is a celebrated psychic and medium making her mark on the all-things-esoteric world. She’s putting the ‘chic’ in psy-chic and making it more accessible to everyone; sharing spiritual straight-talk and direct channeled messages from light beings on how to unfold potential, individually and collectively.

Psychic since she was a child and self-help industry obsessed as an adult, she has merged the two worlds to help others create their own slice of heaven.  Bree's teaching people how to break through their roadblocks, rearrange the mess the ego has made and ultimately, lead with the soul.

The depth of her work is unparalleled; single sessions equate to years of traditional therapy and classes helping people make lifetimes of change through psychological processes and channeled lessons. Bree’s wide audience ranges from lawyers to artists, celebrities to psychologists, personal coaches, and even other psychics. She supports purpose driven individuals who are ready to dive deep into self discovery get to the root of their constraints and, ultimately, lead with their soul so they can live full, expressed, expansive lives.