3 Days in an expansive home nestled in the trees on beautiful Bowen Island, B.C. Our personal chef will be preparing nutritious meals daily as Rachel and I move through curriculum. Hikes, water, personal time, tea, nature and soulful connections. Prices range from $670 - $880 US depending on shared, private and early registration discounts. 


the retreat.

Grief can be one of the most powerful catalysts for lasting positive change and we've created this retreat to guide you to the other side – bigger, bolder and brighter than you imagined possible. 

We'll be helping you move through the pain often caused by loss and getting you unstuck to be able to see the gifts hiding under the hardship. To do that, we'll be supporting you to reactivate the your unconditional power and infinite connection with to the Universe... (or shall we say YOUniverse.) First and foremost its important to feel it in order to heal it, which means we'll be diving deep and getting honest about what the loss has brought up. What are we telling ourselves? What have we made this loss mean about the world? What stories have we created about the loss and how this defines us now? And how do we move forward? 


the curriculum.

  • What grief is (how it manifests and how to move out of it)

  • Tools to deal with loss and how to walk yourself back to joy

  • How to know when to honor your sorrow and when to move forward

  • What we learn from loss from the soul’s perspective and how to extract the lessons

  • How to connect with your soul and easy ways to connect with loved ones who have transitioned

  • Re-identify and empower yourself after a loss experience

  • Solidify an action plan on moving forward emotionally and create a new, bigger self in the world


meet rayray.

meet (me) bree. 

I’m teaming up with Rachel Ricketts, Grief Coach, Death Doula, Reiki healer and epic sur-thriver.  Rachel has been through some serious loss and hardship but she came out punchin' with more clarity and purpose than ever. She’s now helping people transform their grief to personal growth and helping us change our relationship with death, loss and ultimately… ourselves.

After a decade of relaying messages from the “other side” as a spiritual medium and helping clients to move past the pain and into their truth, this is the first time I’m offering the “how to’s” on releasing sorrow, regret and receiving messages from your loved ones and eternal self. I will also be doing group belief energetic clearings to help you move into the gifts that your grief may be masking. More on my story... 



On the first episode of loss&foundtv Rachel and I discuss loss, grief, global chaos and what it all means from a spiritual perspective. We talk about how to not get stuck in the pain and how to begin to walk ourselves back to love, activation and our truth. We're teaming up for this special retreat to help you transform grief to grace and we hope you can join us!