get coaching from your soul.

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with non-physical beings. As a spiritual medium I communicate with your soul, guides, angels and light beings to uncover your soul's lessons and to help you learn without the struggle so that live feels like, well... heaven. 

I promise you, this one session was worth more than a lifetime of therapy. Bree’s not kidding when she says you can make lifetimes of change in one session. It was nothing short of breathtaking. She literally opened the doorway for me to have a direct conversation with my soul and why I’m here this lifetime.
— Emma, Life Coach, Switzerland

how I can help.

During one-on-one sessions, I connect with your soul and spirit guides to clarify what your soul is intending to learn and how to move through your personal life lessons without pain or getting stuck (#yesplease). We all have a "team behind the scenes" helping us out, and we can strengthen this bond through communicating with them and lightening our vibration. 

With their help, we are able to quickly identify and change deep subconscious programs absorbed through childhood, DNA and even past lives. The energetic clearings and activations are powerful and permanent to create real, tangible shifts in your life. With my intuitive connection, I am able to work with you using psychological proven processes and my connection to the light beings to help you move into your next stage of expansion more quickly and easily. By communicating with your soul and guides you can find out why you're here and how to create abundance and joy by seeing things from your soul's perspective. You get advice direct from source -  and they'll always give you the short-cut to your expansion and personal freedom. 


how I work.

My passion lies within helping people make monumental change. I ask for you to come to the session with things you’d like to shift into, create or let go of. We’ll take a look at the deep seeded subconscious blocks rooted in childhood and your soul’s DNA and uncover what you came here to learn and expand into. You will gain incredible insight as to why the limitations are in place and exactly how to move past them. We’ll take a look at your soul’s past lives (learning) and what your soul is intending to create and experience here. We’ll be moving you out of the ‘struggle’ and karmic ties from the past and into your soul’s expansive expression.

I will channel your guides and counsel meaning I will get totally out of the way and serve as a channel, I will let them speak through me to you. You can ask any questions you’d like. They are happy to provide you the support, clarity and advice you need for where you stand now. If you purchase a 90 minute session we will reserve the time for deep energetic clearings and activations to help you forge ahead. These clearings are powerful and effect your cellular structure, DNA and subconscious.

You can read more here about client's experiences with personal sessions. 

All sessions are recorded and you are given the MP3 for yours to keep! 

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the power of beliefs.

Life as we know it know is simply a culmination of our belief systems and energy patterns. As much as we like to think that life happens to us, it doesn’t. We are attracting everything around us.

Yes, everything.

Why look at our beliefs? We often don’t know what the subconscious is holding, and it accounts for 90% of your thoughts and behaviors!

Sticky beliefs (the ones that linger from those formative years) often limit us from expressing ourselves fully, from creating intimate relationships, or allowing ourselves to create big change in our lives, among many other blocks. It’s because of how deep these habits are ingrained that you can do affirmations until you’re blue in the face without seeing change.



the real work is about going soul deep.

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Think you’ve got a ‘thing’ about money? You don't, It’s about something deeper. In a personal session we talk briefly about the current circumstance, but go quickly to the root of the issue for real, permanent change. We'll be looking at the maladaptive coping mechanisms created in the past and the deeper energetic patterns creating the imbalance. 

Usually the hardship you are experiencing (big or small) is a culmination of both your negative beliefs and your soul's desire to learn the fulness of something.

Your soul's perspective is expansive and will remind you why you came here; what your current life lessons are and how to align them with your purpose and experience of true joy. Hearing your soul’s insight and what it’s here to learn will support you in creating lifetimes of change, in gaining clarity into current life choices by exposing past-life information and eternal knowledge to provide a lighter path to what you want to create now. 


more on mediumship.

Bree was able to connect with my father who had passed. I was able to let go of a great amount of resentment and anger that was blocking me in my life. The emotion that she tapped into was incredible, it was a life changing session for me.”
— Reghan, Los Angeles

In addition to chatting with your soul and light beings that support you, you never know who will "pop-in" to say hello. While loss is one of the hardest things we go through, connecting with a loved one who has transitioned can be a profoundly freeing and elevating experience. In many cases, they assure you that they are more than fine and wish for you to fulfill your joy. Their messages can be life altering and provide a sense of peace about their life experience and passing. You will be surprised by their prospective from their “new” standpoint now that they have transitioned home. Often they have messages about patterns carried down through DNA, and how to heal them now.  

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this peaceful and so expansive. I’m bursting light beams at what now feels possible. I actually had a conversation with my soul today. Not the little voice inside my head, not the spineless banter of my ego, but my soul.

Watching Bree connect with my guides and being able to have a giggle together, with them, over the pain and struggle I’ve been feeling all my life and to then physically experience that pain being pulled and “cleared” from my body was miraculous and at the same time somehow so matter o’ fact.