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Emma Life Coach Switzerland
I promise you, this one session was worth more than a lifetime of therapy. My session with Bree was nothing short of breathtaking. She literally opened the doorway for me to have a direct conversation with my soul and why I’m here this lifetime. Bree’s not kidding when she says you can make lifetimes of change in one session. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this peaceful and so expansive. Do not hesitate. Do not wait. Book a session and be ready to hear and feel more than you ever imagined possible.
— Emma, Life Coach, Switzerland

Bree: I wanted you to know that our session has changed my life. I am not kidding. My lifelong feeling of loneliness has disappeared. I can’t explain it but since about 1/2 hour after our session the ever present gooey cloud as vanished. It has not returned to this moment.
— Todd B., Teacher, CA

Theresa Life Coach Los Angeles California USA
I’m a life coach and entrepreneur and spent many years in the personal growth field working through my own issues but was still struggling with old limiting beliefs about money. ONE SESSION with Bree was all I needed to kick my major money blocks to the curb! I had a huge windfall in my business the VERY NEXT DAY, and the windfalls KEPT COMING, and within a few weeks I had my first $10,000 month!

This past month was my highest grossing month ever - - I made more than I had previously made in an entire year! I feel like I’m “living the dream”. I know 100% this never would have happened without her expertise, insight, and willingness to really work through those old core issues until they are gone for good. People who have known me all my life ask me what created this big change for me, and I tell them that if they are ready to move ahead with their lives to book a session with her.
— Theresa, Life Coach, LA

In 2 hours, you managed to help me see through things that I’ve been struggling with for over a year.
— Anastasia, Producer, Canada

Melissa Action Los Angeles California USA
You have no idea how much my life has changed already. I have a sense of relief and feel safer than I have ever felt in my life. In one session you lifted weights from me and I can finally fly free. I wish everybody would experience this, we’d have a much more peaceful and compassionate world.
— Melissa, Actor, LA

I had a sports injury that created some limitations in movement and was causing pain and numbness. Just getting up in the morning was difficult. The physical aspects of the injury had been treated with proven methods. I was exhausted by years of chronic pain. I did a session with Bree. We found core beliefs and other elements that she was able to adjust and balance. 3 DAYS LATER I was able to get up in the morning without pain! We also addressed a secondary medical condition that had just been discovered. 6 weeks later, at my follow up exam, THE ULTRASOUND WAS CLEAR. Most recently, skin rashes had been erupting on various parts of my body. Again, we discovered beliefs and core beliefs that Bree adjusted and reprogrammed. 2 days later, the itch had subsided and the rash was almost imperceptible. I am grateful for the unique healing properties of her method and the skill and generosity of spirit that Bree employs as a healer.
— Marya, Author, Los Angeles

Rachel R. Lawyer, Canada Intuitive Client
AHMAZING....mind-blowing.. or shall I say soul-blowing?! Bree has the profound ability to clear up years (or lifetimes) worth of crap in a light-hearted and approachable way. Her contributions are invaluable.
— Rachel, R. Lawyer, Canada

I have done a lot of work in the past 20 years with some wonderful healers. Bree did clearing work with me that COMPLETELY shifted me in a most positive, productive way. She helped me to remove some core issues and I was surprised at the hold they had on me. VERY CLEAR!!! AND POSITIVE!!! She has a true gift!
— Denise, Antique Collector, Canada

Sergio Actor Los Angeles  spiritual coaching
I just wanted to express my gratitude for amazing sessions I’ve had with you. I’m still blown away by how on the money you were about issues and beliefs that I instantly knew were true for me in each session. That, and how you were able to perfectly express in words the exact things I was hoping to experience going forward. More than anything I appreciate your sweet, playful, and non-judgmental energy, it made me feel very relaxed. Thank you!
— Sergio, Actor, Los Angeles

It is hard to put it all into words to thank you. My life felt very deeply shifted immediately after leaving, to a state of almost constant giddiness. I feel so lucky to have met you as well, and I appreciated your delicate but thorough approach.
— Sarah, Artist, Los Angeles

Andrea Actor Los Angeles California tap into emotion
Bree very quickly, gently, and easily tapped into the root of my emotion. She then tuned to the energy that surrounds us all, delivering a loving message specifically for me. Her session is an amazing experience that I wish could go on forever. She is teaching me that ultimately.. It does.
— Andrea, Actor, Los Angeles

I’ve worked with a number of healers, empaths and councilors throughout my life, all offering their own unique perspective and wisdom around what was needing to be digested but none have provided me with the immediate insight and resolution I have experienced with Bree. In one session with her I was transported into another realm of healing, one that was almost instantaneous. Her approach is playful and light, a refreshing change from the sometimes heavy unearthing of past traumas. She was able to bring a joy to the process which enlivened my spirit and opened me to the immense beauty of self exploration. With ease, precision and incredible intuition she was able to cut directly to the core of what was taking place within my being and dislodge it effortlessly.

Marcia Artist Author CEO Monterey California clear self doubt old patterns

One session with Bree effectively helped clear me of self doubt, old patterns of control and guilt over recieving money for my time and services and allowed me more access to and acceptance of my own abilities, skills and future success.
— Marcia, Artist, Author and CEO Monterey, CA

Nothing slips by her and her “team”. She has a unique ability to cut to the core of an issue and clarify things instantly in an extremely gentle way that is easy to understand. I’ve never worked with a medium or soul healer before but I can tell you that Bree is the real deal and she sets the bar super high. I will definitely be returning to her for her guidance.
— Shannon, DJ + Actor, CA

Sarah Blondin Live Awake Writer Guided Meditation
Everything she touched on sent a wave of resounding truth through my being, I knew she was in direct contact with my soul. I felt a weight fall from my shoulders and a breath of new life move through the places that were previously blocked. I knew I was given a tremendous gift after having worked with her and couldn’t stop from smiling from the amount of space and freedom I had experienced in my being. She helped me see not all growth needs to come from great pain and suffering and helped re-align me with my joy-FULL intended state. I am forever grateful for the day she and her healing gift came into my life.
— Sarah Blondin, Writer, Canada


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