personal sessions.

Emma Life Coach Switzerland
I promise you, this one session was worth more than a lifetime of therapy. My session with Bree was nothing short of breathtaking. She literally opened the doorway for me to have a direct conversation with my soul and why I’m here this lifetime. Bree’s not kidding when she says you can make lifetimes of change in one session. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this peaceful and so expansive. Do not hesitate. Do not wait. Book a session and be ready to hear and feel more than you ever imagined possible.
— Emma, Life Coach, Switzerland

Bree: I wanted you to know that our session has changed my life. I am not kidding. My lifelong feeling of loneliness has disappeared. I can’t explain it but since about 1/2 hour after our session the ever present gooey cloud as vanished. It has not returned to this moment.
— Todd B., Teacher, CA

Sarah Blondin Live Awake Writer Guided Meditation
Everything she touched on sent a wave of resounding truth through my being, I knew she was in direct contact with my soul. I felt a weight fall from my shoulders and a breath of new life move through the places that were previously blocked. I knew I was given a tremendous gift after having worked with her and couldn’t stop from smiling from the amount of space and freedom I had experienced in my being. She helped me see not all growth needs to come from great pain and suffering and helped re-align me with my joy-FULL intended state. I am forever grateful for the day she and her healing gift came into my life.
— Sarah Blondin, Author and Meditation Teacher, Live Awake


This course has completely changed my path. I will never stop thanking you for creating Psychic Bootcamp. I keep coming back to it to practice and learn more from the layers within the tools and methods that continue to support me. You made learning about my guides and angels so accessible.
— Veronica, Psychic Bootcamp Student

“Life altering. I’ve never felt quite like this before and I can’t wait to continue this path of deep connection to myself.”

— Miriam Alden, Owner of Brunette the Label

“My life is forever changed. I experienced the most pure joy I’ve ever felt in my life. Every question I’ve ever had about my life was answered.”
— Madison Ayers, Seattle

Andrea Actor Los Angeles California tap into emotion
Bree very quickly, gently, and easily tapped into the root of my emotion. She then tuned to the energy that surrounds us all, delivering a loving message specifically for me. Her class was an amazing experience that I wish could go on forever. She is teaching me that ultimately.. it does.
— Andrea, Actor, Los Angeles

“I purchased your course and I’m already moving toward release of patterns. Letting go of anger, resentment and blame in order to forgive my parents - feels like a key to clearing the past “stuff”. Thank you for your insights and blessings! I am grateful!!”
— — Dennis Stambaug

corporate relationships and collaborations.

Having Bree in our space was priceless. She created a safe environment to help our members reconnect and heighten their spiritual growth making them feel they were part of a larger family. Bree was well known at our property for being a calm and positive light worker. What impressed me most was the gentle leadership and pure inner joy that radiated from her during every interaction she had with our members.”
— Bianca Duisc, Management, Petit Ermitage

Bree is BARE NONE one of our favorite speakers to work with. She’s the perfect hybrid of spiritual and accessible: Her grounded and endearing presence engages even the spiritual ‘skeptics’, but her intuitive gifts are unparalleled. Topics in this realm can sometimes feel fluffy and hard to grasp but Bree has a unique ability of breaking them down in a way that feels tangible, actionable, and applicable to the ‘real world’. Also, she’s ridiculously funny. We absolutely love partnering with Bree and joke that we wish we could ‘clone her’ for all our workshops!”
— --Leah Abrahams & Natalie Rizzo, KISMET SF Founders

We’ve had the privilege of hosting several workshops with Bree that all sold astoundingly fast. Her humor, bubbly personality and and relatable approach helped break down barriers and stigmas often related with the psychic or spiritual world. Half the participants were in tears from her meditations, taking them to a deep place to access healing all while helping them to feel at ease and supported. What she shares is unique and we love having her.
— Savannah Olsen, Owner of Good Spirit Vancouver

‘Bree Melanson is a changemaker that this world is in need of. It has been an honour to partner with Bree to bring her to our community of influential innovators and thought-leaders. Her charisma and light playful energy is synergetic with whoever is in the room, and with that naturally built rapport she creates a trusting contained space to assist others to go deep in a most brilliant way. Not one person walks out the door the same. I’m deeply grateful for Bree and the magic that she has brought to me, my business, and the hundreds of lives she has since impacted in Vancouver. We sell out at our max capacity every time we host her.”

— Christina Diesler, Werklab Vancouver CEO