So, can we agree on this? 

You’re already psychic.

We'll just park that on the meditation cushion for a hot second. ;)

But I also totally get that doubt is real  –– and it’s more than natural to have it. It’s just a part of the growth process. I still struggle with it every time I move into a new skill. 

You might be asking questions like… 

What if I start seeing some scary dark stuff?

What will my friends and family think if I start stepping into my intuitive power?

Can I really learn to listen and trust what my intuition says?

These are all totally valid (and super common) questions. 

**Check out the video below where I address some psychic MYTHS and FAQs.**

Like you, I had sooo many questions about what it meant to start harnessing my intuition when I first started. 

I’ve been a psychic, mentor and teacher for 10 years now, but it began with a simple message in my meditations:

“You’re a healer”

Feel familiar?  

Well, when I finally decided to surrender I said, “Okay, show me. If I’m supposed to do this work, I’m gonna need a teacher!”

Two days later, the universe delivered her –– she arrived and sat armrest-to-armrest next to me on a plane. And as she handed me her card, I intuitively saw myself working for her and got a glimpse of how it would all unfold. 


Since then, things continue to fall into my lap in the craziest ways.

I think my guides were like, ‘Finally, she let go! Let’s hit her with all we got!’ And for the first couple of years, I took every training under the moon to help me become the intuitive I am today. I continued to say yes, and the abundance continued to flow. 

Which also means that over all these years, I realized what tools intuitives like me would have needed to get started and move past what was tripping them up… All in one place, with personal support.

That’s why I created Psychic Bootcamp, my signature program that helps intuitives and healers like you supercharge your intuition and basically become your own psychic. 

Psychic Bootcamp is essentially the all-in-one-course I would have loved to have, with real deep material to truly connect with my soul, have out-of-this-world-conversations (literally) and group mentorship (which I only offer my Psychic Bootcamp students!). 

Oh, and if you’ve been doing healing work or tarot already –– I’ve had students who’ve been in the game for decades, and still come out of Psychic Bootcamp with so many new skills.

If your soul is calling you to level up, but you have lingering questions that are stopping you from taking that extra step... 

Click the video below –– where I answer the top FAQs and address the BIGGEST MYTHS about stepping into your intuition.


Ready to dive in deeper?

Take advantage of payment plans, special bonuses. As soon as you join we'll welcome you to the Facebook fam + you can get started... We can't wait to meet you! 

When I started Psychic Bootcamp I knew that it would help me grow and develop my psychic abilities but I had no idea what an absolutely profound effect it would have on every single aspect of my life. Psychic Bootcamp really opened the door for me to not only tap into divine energy but to live in accordance with my soul. I now operate from a place of gratitude and joy; no longer bound to anxiety by fear of the unknown.
— Christy Crawford

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