Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been aware of your intuition for a while now, and you -- 

  • Already meditate regularly (and you’re pretty sure your guides are trying to send you messages)

  • Have experienced visions, gut feelings or one too many deja vu moments

  • Are actively trying to learn, grow and get to know your soul (self-dev on repeat!)

And, since you’re an old soul, you know that you’ve got the ability to connect with the non-physical. ✨

What you might *not* have is the confidence -- 

  • That the messages you’re receiving are ‘real’ (and how to tell)

  • That your loved ones will support you if you go down the path to opening your soul

  • That even though you’re intuitive, you don’t know if you could actually read others

  • That as an empath, you can handle tapping into the energy of others and what’s beyond the veil

Is this resonating?

You’re not alone. 

This is *exactly* why I created Psychic Bootcamp, a self-paced 10-week course and mentorship program to support you in this journey of coming home to your soul.

But I know it’s an investment, and it’s not an easy decision to make.

That’s why I asked some Psychic Bootcampers to share why they took the plunge... 

Meet Jessica. She’s doing mediumship readings now! 

“Do you remember me, this time, last year? I had a lot of doubt as to what I was receiving [from my guides] before I took this course. To be honest, I decided to take it thinking that, maybe I’ll find out I’m not psychic… Moving through it, I noticed that fear was slowly being peeled away and I was getting more and more comfortable in my skin. In the beginning, I was so scared about what I would see feel or know, and I’ve experienced the opposite –– I wish people would experience what I feel. Now I can’t wait to connect with spirit!”

And Maggie, who was *seriously* on the fence about spending money on this course… But had zero regrets.

“I signed up for the free intuitive training, and it was *incredible*. I’ve never felt my guides so strongly before! When I finished and was writing down my notes, my husband came into my room and said, ‘You look so happy!’ That’s when I knew I had to do Psychic Bootcamp, and it felt expensive… So I went with the payment plan –– and within a couple weeks I already had people wanting readings so it paid for itself immediately.  I just graduated and was asked to do card readings at a local metaphysical shop. There was a line the entire day, I can't believe how easy this is all unfolding.”

If this feels in alignment, watch this:


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I did a reading on a friend last week and within the day got confirmations on almost everything I told her.
— Amanda Siler

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