Natalie Miles

Natalie is a Spiritual Guide and Mentor whose mission is to support your spiritual journey by sharing with you, The Spirit Upgrade. This Upgrade connects you with your Guides - your cheerleaders in the spiritual realm. It guides you, helps you find the answers you seek, and clears any blocks in your way. You will heal the past, and feel a sense of empowerment you once thought was only for others. She's been guided by Spirit to use her gifts to open the door and be the Upgrade messenger to illuminate the light onto other people's life paths. Her goal is to inspire you to connect with your own Spirit Guides, so you can feel more connected, each and every day, and continue an upgraded soul journey. What you will get from a session with Natalie, are straight talking messages from Spirit and personalized Upgrade tools to help you make the changes in your life that your soul craves.

To learn more about Natalie Miles, Psychic + Medium, check out her website here 


Denise Warfield

Denise is a clairvoyant psychic, medium and channel with over 20 years of learning, training and hands on work.  Through her insights, she is able to help others to clear blockages and progress forward. Denise is Bree’s mentor and she taught Bree how to channel! She is a powerful healer with a heart of gold.

Her training includes being a REIKI Master, Massage Therapist, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and Certified Medium. She has over 500 hours of training in energy healing. Denise enjoys working with people to help them learn about their own energy field and emotions as they move forward on their path to a more peaceful way of life.

To learn more about Denise Warfield, Psychic Healer + Medium, check out her website here 

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Dr. Colin Moore

Colin, a wellness consultant and change-worker was born and raised in Cape Town.  

He believes that we are born to be well, balanced and that if we are not, something is in the way.  As an integrated body worker, life coach and hypnotherapist, he helps you identify and then dissolve these obstacles, on physical, conscious and subconscious levels.  

He will tell you that he does not have all the answers, that he is still learning yet once you experience his assuring nature, distilled methodology and accessible approach to life and change, you will come to understand that he is a natural solution finder with most bases covered.  

He lives in a quiet village in the South of France where he has a family practice and hosts what he humbly believes to be the most effective 1-day change-work workshop around.  He has an on-line coaching and hypnotherapy practice for those who can’t make it to France.

While his works appears more cognitive, it is very much aligned with Bree’s belief work and she will tell you that he has the ability to harvest something from anyone, regardless of what level of expansion they may be at.  We are looking forward to his first book in 2019.  

If you’re looking to create change, Colin is your man! 

To learn more about Dr. Colin Moore, check out his website here


Jacqueline Jennings

Jacqueline has spent a decade working with industry leaders at Aritzia, Lululemon and Hootsuite’s startup accelerator TNBT. She lives and breathes entrepreneurship and has recently dedicated her craft to soulful entrepreneurs solving big juicy problems. She will flip your life upside down in the best way and help you to create visions you've never deemed possible for yourself. Not only that, but you’ll walk away with a game plan on ‘how-to’ step into your vision. Jacqueline will help you go deep and get clear so you can activate your potential and create your unique legacy and imprint in the world...  and yes, abundantly. Jacqueline is Bree’s ‘work wife’ and together they host the Soulful Entrepreneur Retreats. If you are looking for clarity with your purpose and potential, Jacqueline is your woman!

To learn more about Jacqueline Jennings, Business Coach, check out her website here