I’ve paid a lot of money for an entire course that I got in ONE module with Bree. She is transparent, thorough and knows this work in depth. Everything is super accessible and practical.”
— Andrea Chlebak, Vancouver


We've just added over 6 hours of pre-class BONUS intuitive training, so as soon as you sign up, you can dive into getting to know your intuition on a deep level!


There's no reason you can't have direct conversations with your soul. It's a myth that only certain people have the ability to clear lifetimes of patterning and pull in manifestations - you can do it too.  If you have big visions of success, love, ease and abundance... you should; they're there for a reason. They're planted within you not to pine over, but to activate, and I want to teach you how. 


This is a dense course that's designed to give you a tool kit for life. I'm teaching you everything I know - giving you the best and most precise tools I've collected over the years from working with hundreds of clients (and ok, the light beings too) and I won't be teaching Soul Sculpt for another year.


photo by  Brit Gill

photo by Brit Gill

Not sure if it will be the course that gets you 'there'? 

Well, you're gonna have to do the work, but you'll be supported by a big group of really awake, vibrant women who like you, are spiritually aware and ready to make an impact in the world and live from their soul. Plus we'll hook you up with an accountability partner if you want. If you live in Vancouver or Los Angeles, we'll for sure have someone local for you. But your buddy is just a video chat away otherwise! This is about rising up together. There is zero-fluff in this class. This is hands on, change-activating, soul-rocking material. There is enough material in one module for an entire course. This class will give you processes to return to again and again. 

photo by  Brit Gill

photo by Brit Gill


Worried about the time commitment?

Do you have 2-3 hours a week? That's the minimum I'd recommend, but I think the bigger question might be, can you carve out this time for yourself, for your soul, for your true vitality? We have to go within or everything else will be a little bit more without. You don't have time not to do something like this. This is about learning how to access your infinite source of wisdom so you don't spend time circling back to patterns that keep you stuck from living your fullest. This is about you living the life you came here to live. Plus this course is designed so that you always have a 'go-to' when you get stuck, cause well, we're human...but the more you clear, the easier it gets. Are you willing to trade your suffering for a little bit of vibrational shifting? I hope so!


Did you know you have lifetime access to the course? That means you don't even have to start Monday. Life happens, and a handful of students don't get a chance to start the course right away, so there is no 'behind' - do the course at your own pace. There's no race to the finish line, but your soul is waiting ;) 


Is it worth the investment? Here's what you're getting:

*And payment plans are available!


Not sure if you'll be able to have the discipline? Want more personal support?  

The accountability partner will really help. And on top of that, we've created the group coaching calls so that you are totally supported. I make sure that every question is answered. I also do group clearings on the calls. And YES THE CLEARINGS WORK EVEN IF YOU LISTEN LATER. I know, it sounds crazy but I have students and clients that can attest to the power of this. I read the group intuitively even if you aren't on the call. I connect with your light beings and they have your back, promise. All calls are recorded and yours to keep. The light beings will be channeling some extra support for us! 

Soul Sculpt gave me the clarity I needed to take my business to the next level and continues to support me with life tools, meditations and practices to keep me in the mindset and frequency of prosperity and ease. This program was a game changer for me.
— Tori Homes, Nectar Juicery
photo by  Brit Gill

photo by Brit Gill

Afraid it's just another on-line course? 

I don't believe in fluff. In fact, I kinda hate it. Soul Sculpt is dense, results-driven and designed to be a massive tool kit that you can draw upon for life. I'm giving you everything I know... I'm sharing the practices I use with clients to make lifetimes of change. You can create this on your own. I want to support you in that.  

Don't put your soul + future on hold. Harness the ability to access your intuition and begin to manifest with ease and clarity. Learn how to release your own limitation. Let's create the life we came here to live. It's time we get clear on our vision + purpose so we can express our natural state of abundance + activate the change and love the world needs right now.

Your purpose is our solution.  





I continue to return to the meditations and processes from Soul Sculpt on a regular basis. Being witness to so much contrast these days, it’s been invaluable to have tools and practices to activate heart-based solutions.
— Jacqueline Jennings, Business Coach