Experience the expansion

...and do the work surrounded by like-hearted souls ready to transform.

Through experiences that connect you to your personal truth, your body’s wisdom, and your divine creativity, you’ll find yourself aligned with your intuition; the seat of your soul and your greatest guide.



LIVE workshops

In an evening or an afternoon, experience powerfully deep, clear and instant ease. Teaching tools to disconnect from the ego and find trust in intuition, get Bree’s signature ‘soul surgery’ live and in-person.



vancouver sept 12 @ werklab

This dense workshop will support you in learning how to tap into and trust your innate intuition. Hands on practices to engage all your clairsenses and powerful tools to connect you with your ethereal support. *Look up Sept 9 on Zen Den's schedule the link below to get your tickets.

Easy ways to begin to communicate with your soul and move past subconscious limitation and into your soul’s mastery and well-being. This powerful workshop and transformational breathwork experience will help to provide clarity, release stuck energy and gain insight from your soul.


london, union station

yoga oct 7th

Join us for an intimate workshop on tapping into your inner psychic with hands on practices + deep insight.



Are you a member at Soho? Join us Oct 8th for a soulful experience. In London and want to be on the guest list?


San francisco + LA



Details are TBA. Join my mailing list below and be the first to hear when tickets are available. 

Subconscious beliefs were cleared, leaving me with a mentality of abundance instead of fear, resentment and scarcity. I feel lighter, present and more graceful knowing that I’m making decisions from my soul while trusting my strengthened intuition.
— Karoline Monkvik, Virtual Assistant



Make massive change from the comfort of your home. Self-paced courses that are dense with life-changing material, a library of processes and meditations that you can always pull from when you're stuck that are yours to keep.


get psychic

Online Course Become Psychic.png

You're already psychic! You just need the tools and supported practice. Psychic Bootcamp is now open as an individualized course! 


Bree spiritual healing.png

Make lifetimes of change by changing your own deep subconscious beliefs + limitations. This class is a game changer and avail now...  

live your purpose

soul sculpt online class teachable.jpg

Tap into your highest potential, soul's purpose and life themes. This dense, life-changing class is now avail as a self-paced class! 

This class changed my whole outlook on myself, the people around me, and the universe. Plus it’s so much FUN! It really helps to sharpen your intuition, heighten your vibration & build confidence overall...both with the work and in life in general. It will give you a whole new perspective on how you view your life and your relationships. A massive life changer!!
— Psychic Bootcamp Student 2017



CANADA, B.C. MAY 12-17

PROVENCE, FRANCE august 15-20

 For the purpose-driven individual who wants to make a big impact in the world and is ready to level up to create success through their infinite source. Get clear and rooted. Connect with your soul, innate abundance and level up your leadership in the sweet simplicity and wonder of the South of France or with horses is B.C., Canada!

I could not put a price tag on what I gained. I honestly was surprised that it was better than I imagined it would be. I have had an amazing, adventurous life and I will say this adventure was maybe my most favorite! Since returning home, I move more gracefully with in the intensity that my life as a business owner can often take. This retreat helped me remember my love, my passion, and the deeper ‘why’ I chose this path I am on.
— Shannan Manuel, Owner of Feast and Gather



Hear what the light beings Bree channels have been saying; and get a taste of what to expect at Bree’s next event!



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