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soulful entrepreneur:   ranch edition

5 days creating your biggest visions + learning how to use your intuition... with horses. They're gonna bust our hearts open and teach us about ourselves. 


SOULFUL + PSYCHIC RETREAT dates in hawaii + mexico

Summer in France for a life changing retreat? Join us in the South of France for the Soulful Entrepreneur: France Edition. 

Be the first to hear about upcoming retreat dates for Psychic Bootcamp, Soul Sculpt and workshops in LA, Vancouver, Hawaii, and Mexico!



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Travel your way to Transformation

Sometimes the leaps have to be physical. Sometimes you have to plot yourself on the other side of the globe to get out of your comfort zone. The truth is, a net is always provided... and the braver we are, the more we can commit to our growth, the more expansive that net is. Stay connected and be the first to hear about retreat dates and workshops.