activate your unlimited potential.

Access your soul’s expression in Soul Sculpt; a 10 week program designed to get you in deep connection with your soul and in attuned alignment with your highest self. Work through the process of finding, identifying, and clearing your own hidden blocks that keep you from expressing your fullest self.  Learn how to do deep powerful healing work on yourself so you can manifest like the alchemist you capable of being.  


the program. 

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These are tools for LIFE; for living into your greatest expression, your most aligned way of showing up in the world. To help you show up as the limitless being that you are - completely unconstrained. This is about YOU living the most full and true way possible - about making a big impact in the world  - and about filling your spiritual toolbox with everything you need to get to, and stay, in that place of limitless self expression.

After years of working with hundreds of clients to transform their careers, relationships, financial status, and health (what most call miracles)  I’ve compiled all my tools into this soul bursting program. From psychological formulas and concepts, to energetic techniques and clearings and new channeled info from the light beings, Soul Sculpt is a comprehensive program that teaches everything I know so you can become your own intuitive healer and live fully from your soul and unleash your highest potential.


This course exceeded any expectations. I could have never imagined how life changing this program would be. The way Bree teaches in incredible, she takes away all the “drama” of dealing with the spiritual world and focuses on practical and beneficial tools you can use in your everyday life. I literally can’t go back to my old bad habits. I have tools to help me in my journey to true happiness and awareness.


Week 1. 

Access Key To Your Subconscious

access key to your subconcious

  • Step-by-step formulas to pin point + change your own hidden blocks 

  • Learn how to clear and heal your own beliefs on a cellular, subconscious and soul level

  • Manifest easier by creating a higher vibration and new set point for receiving

  • Overcome doubt by unplugging from the past + old thought patterns

  • Easily transform fear into empowerment through the “trigger trick” 

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Week 2.

Soul Contracts + Past Lives

  • How to recognize soul contracts + past lives

  • Make decisions from your soul wtih clarity 

  • Clear old karma to create healthy + rewarding relationships

  • Unravel your soul's life themes and intended lessons

  • Unplug from collective conditioning that keeps you stuck in limitation 



Week 3. 

The Forgiveness Factor

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  • Learn the quickest + most concise method to reach personal freedom and empowerment through clearing hidden resentment

    Uncover the biggest subconscious equation that keeps you stuck – you won’t believe what you’re holding! 

  • Let go of old relationships that aren't serving you + heal them soulfully

  • Release stuck anger, heart-break and fears to create new relationship paradigms

  • Harness true, healthy emotional independence

Week 4.

Review + Your Higher Self

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Deep, comprehensive review of belief work and living from your soul

Powerful exercises in moving out of limitation + into your highest expression

Meet your future self and shorten the gap between your desired future and now

Speed up divine timing with deeply aligning with your highest expression

romance love chemistry

Week 5.

The Love Makeover


  • Why romantic love exists and how to create lasting love and chemistry

  • Stop circling back to unhealthy romantic patterns 

  • Manifest rewarding relationships by healing self-doubt and fear

  • How to unplug from hidden fears of abandonment and rejection

  • Calling upon soul mate love – how to recognize and manifest them

  • 3 Golden Rules to turn trauma into triumph + harness self-love

Week 6.

The Money Cure + Manifesting

money abundance riches
  • 8-steps to transform all your money blocks

  • Fun, easy, every-day tools to increase your manifesting skills

  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck + repeating limited money patterns

  • How to let go of genetic and collective fears about survival + align with abundance

  • Personal Formula For Success: Realizing your true dreams + how to reach them quicker

  • Become a true shape shifter on a cellular + energetic level

Week 7. 

Review + Mastering Multiple Belief Clearings



Master the art of clearing multiple beliefs on your own

Review + further implementation of previous weeks

Index of most common hidden blocks to clear

Meditation Icon

Week 8.

Self-Healing + Medical Intuition

  • How to do an internal body scan and communicate with your body

  • Why we hold on to access weight + how to quit emotinoal eating

  • How to trace genetic sickness, its cause and change and dislodge dis-ease

  • Invoke healing through your intuitive connection

  • Understand why we stay sick and imbalanced + how to change it

  • Unplug from collective beliefs about disease, age + weight gain

Week 9.

Activating Your Potential

  • How to supercharge your creativity + maintain flow

  • Meet with your spiritual counsel for advice and viewing of your divine blue print

  • Get crystal clear with your  purpose and highest expression to make a big impact + expand your reach

  • Find out where you stand with your divine blue print and how to create new pathways for abundance

Bonus Week 10.  

Ignite Your Mastery

Lightbuld moment.jpg

Bonus master class with business coach, Jacqueline Jennings and Bree.

Get clear on your legacy + clear out blocks to receiving divine wisdom for your soul.

Create a calendar and roadmap for spiritual success + abundance

Bree is amaaaaaazing and the tools she provides in this course are priceless. She clears out all the crap that’s getting in your way and teaches you how to dig deep to find the clarity within yourself so you can finally stop holding yourself back from your dreams and living a fulfilling life. The course material is extremely dense, however it’s presented in a way that’s super accessible. Not to mention, every time I go back to listen to the course audio I get something new out of it that I hadn’t absorbed before. The meditations and clearings are amazing on their own as well. This class was such a life changing experience for me and still is!
— - Shannon Bruno, CA
The clearings and meditations were unreal. I’ve never had such positive and visceral responses from other meditations. The course is loaded with tools, direction, guidance and massive support. It is clear, direct, beautifully laid out and yours forever.
— Katherine Miller, CA


the format. 

While each week will be focused on a different topic to take you deeper into your Soul, every session will be supported with:

  • Video module/lesson to watch or listen to as an MP3

  • Lists of beliefs to test for and clear connected to each weekly subject

  • Weekly module content to teach specific practices and processes

  • Powerful recorded meditations and clearings to further tune your skills and move out of old patterns

  • Life shifting (home)work aimed at putting your new skills into action for monumental change

  • Live (previously recorded) coaching calls (over 10 hours of additional coaching and energetic clearings) 

  • Community forum through a private Facebook page to share, explore and dive deeper into the program + connect with like minded souls. 


Get involved in a community of seekers looking for a collective experience of looking deeper, going within, and getting in touch with their own souls, their own intuition. Elevating your spiritual skills doesn’t have to happen solo; experience the support and power of group discovery for your own personal expansion. Be inspired by the stories of others and what draws them to this work. Watch yourself shift as you come closer to understanding your own power, your own purpose, your own embodiment of the work.


How is this course different from others? 

I’m going to be walking you through not only how to access your own subconscious beliefs on a conscious level, but also how to energetically clear them. This is not a theory class. This course will teach you how to find and change any and all hidden blocks in all areas of your life. In addition to the class modules, you have the opportunity to sign up for live group coaching calls with with powerful energetic clearings and activations to help you step into your unlimited potential along with Q + A. 

I’ve worked over several years to create a condensed curriculum of the best tools I've found and the biggest ways we stay stuck from tapping in to our potential and accessing our innate and infinite potential.  I have channeled the how-to's from the highest realm - there is no other class like this. 


How does it work?

Each week you will receive a lesson module that you can watch or listen to at your own convenience. In addition, you will receive a guided supported practice that will walk you step-by-step through the week’s practical clearing exercises.  You will receive PDF notes of the class for your reference and "put into action" worksheets/homework to support the shifts and move you faster along your path to abundance and well-being. The first module is delivered as soon as you complete registration, and every remaining module every seven days for the next 10 weeks. You will also have access to a private Facebook group forum where we will share our experiences, break throughs and additional tips and practices. Live (previously recorded) coaching calls will be provided in an .mp3 format. 


Can I go at my own pace?

Yes! We’ll be covering a lot of material each week, you will have tools that you will be able draw upon for life! You can go at your own pace and digest it as you choose. With e-courses, people just tend to move at different paces, another reason why they're so awesome! You get to take class at home in your jammies, on vacation, or listen in your car on your way to work and check-in for the practices when you can! This particular course goes through the start of the holidays, where we tend to get the most stuck, so this will be a great gift to give to yourself as we move through this season!


Is the course hands-on?

This is not a theory class. There is enough information out there you can read on your own, I believe in giving all the value I can. This course is hands-on with vital information I have learned throughout the last several years working on others. You will have an enormous amount of tools to pull on for life! This is advanced material - the 'best of' from my years working with others and channeled material on exactly 'how-to' move out of limitation. Each week you will have new tools and concepts to pull from. 


Is there a forum?

Yes! You'll receive an invite to a private Facebook support group where you can post and connect with the other students in the class. 


How much time will it require?

The weekly lesson modules will be about 45 minutes each. The guided MP3 practices will range between 10-25 minutes. The homework is optional (but recommended) and you could spend anywhere from 15 min to an hour or more. The live coaching calls are 90 minutes (and you could listen to them on your commute/errands!)  So, you could estimate spending about 1-4 hours per week depending on your level of commitment.  Remember you can take the course at your own pace! Not everyone will move at the same rate. 


This course is for you if…

If the idea of this course excites you at all, it’s your soul nudging you (possibly begging you) to move forward. There is no experience required but we will be moving fast (remember, you can go at your own pace).  This is dense material but I don't believe in fluff. Even if you've read all the spiritual books out there, you will be given new tools and exercises to work with. I've had people who have been in the healing biz for 15 years take my course - we're ALWAYS learning and it's essential to continue to add to your tool kit! If you are “up” for doing the work and want to have fun connecting and improving your intuition, this course is for you.  If you're ready to step into your fullest expression and you want to learn how to trust and use your intuition in your own life or if you desire to help others through this work, this course is for you!