The soulful entrepreneur is a purpose driven individual who wants to make a big impact in the world and is ready to level up to create success through their infinite source.  



the workshop.

The next Soulful Entrepreneur Intensives will take place in Canada B.C. at a horse ranch (swoon) April 15-20, and Provence, France mid June.  You can apply for either retreat by clicking 'apply now' at the link below. Just note which retreat you'd like to attend!  We're going deep, getting real and putting things into action. Yes there will be reflection, sacred practice and meditation. And yes (duh) there will be wine, laughter and delicious food, but this workshop calls upon people that are ready to step up, get crystal clear on their legacy and create a big impact.  

We want to help you to become more efficient and effective, tap into your intuition and infinite source of creativity and exactly how to move past limitation and into a game plan to create your biggest visions. You'll be absorbing tools you'll use for life and making massive personal breakthroughs to create a new paradigm for ourselves and the collective to thrive abundantly. Ef' the hustle, we're moving from the grind to aligned  cause the struggle is not real.  


The Soulful Entrepreneur is the antidote to the hustle. I was craving real change—one weekend with Bree and Jacqueline was completely transformative.
— Katharine Manson, Manson Communications


the curriculum. 


  • Setting a crystal clear vision for you life and legacy

  • How to make decisions from your soul and trust your intuition

  • Your Road Map: Lean Canvas Model to explore, test + implement your business concept

  • Get clear on the problem and unique solution in your market

  • How to clear subconscious roadblocks

  • How to move past your fears and doubt

  • Profound tools to help you activate your highest potential

  • Concrete and specific avenues to expand your reach

  • Learn how to stay on your divine path and know when you are not


meet jacqueline.

Jacqueline Jennings has spent a decade working with industry leaders at Aritzia, Lululemon and Hootsuite’s startup accelerator TNBT. She lives and breathes entrepreneurship and has recently dedicated her craft to soulful entrepreneurs solving big juicy problems. She will flip your life upside down in the best way and help you to create visions you've never deemed possible for yourself. Not only that, but you’ll walk away with a game plan on ‘how-to’ step into your vision. We’re teaming up to go deep and get clear so you can activate your potential and create your unique legacy and imprint in the world...  and yes, abundantly.

meet (me) bree.

I’ll be working with you to connect your soul’s purpose and gifts by unplugging from subconscious limitations and into your own intuition and infinite source of creativity. I want to help you break free from blocks around money, going “big”, and free you up from old ways of being in the world that don’t serve you… because it really comes down to one thing, your relationship with yourself. We’ll be clearing out years (and to be honest lifetimes) of emotional clutter to help you connect get unstuck, out of fear and into your power. There is a major calling for us to activate collectively, if there ever were a time, it is now. More on my story... 

The Soulful Entrepreneur Retreat was the perfect blend of practical business focus and beloved meditative soul work to help me unlock an even more aligned approach to sharing my gifts with my clients. Mere days after returning from the glorious location, I’m receiving amazing feedback that our work together is more inspired than ever! Take this sacred, dedicated time for yourself; it’ll shift so deeply how you can more fully serve the world.

the details. 

Our mornings are slow but purposeful with a guided meditation as we ease into the 'work'. Every day we'll be creating symmetry with spiritual practices and straight up business smarts to form your personal roadmap for success. Depending on where we are in the world (horse rides and equestrian therapy in B.C. or blissful walks in Provence) we'll be merging heaven and earth with some soulful breaks in nature to keep the creativity flowing. Balance is key so you'll have some free time, but Jacqueline and I will be providing as much as we can to activate your genius and align you with your highest self. This is not a retreat, this is a packed workshop with our best-of so that you're equipped to rip away the constraints of limitation and not only plug into, but build your highest expression from where you stand now whilst relaxing into the receiving mode from our souls purpose and intention. 


I came with a basket of worries and questions and left feeling connected with my purpose and surrounded by a loving and supportive community of bright souls. I’m so grateful and happy. My experience at the retreat is a new resource I have for recovering my focus when I start to feel afraid or limited, and I’m so excited for the future!


check out the pics from our last soulful entrepreneur retreat. 

Most (ok the best) photos below by Britney Gill, a fellow Soulful Entrepreneur.