A MONTLY MEMBERSHIP : group fitness for your soul

Welcome to Soul Sweat; a monthly group experience and membership aimed at working your spiritual and soul muscles to help you more actively step into change.


This is a great way to connect with Bree and the light beings for an incredible price! One-on-one sessions are almost $200/hr. Soul Sweat is only $37/month for personal mini-readings, channeled information from the light beings, activations and clearings... plus bonus material throughout the month to further support your growth and spiritual health.  

Special Offer: Join now and get last month's session + guided healing meditation for FREE! 



Here’s how it works:


Once a month, hop on a 60-90 minute call with Bree where you’ll experience:

  • LIVE channeling in a private and intimate group setting

  • Guided meditations

  • Group activations + clearings

  • Advanced tools to implement in your daily practice

  • Getting your questions answered from infinite intelligence (no big deal - right?)



Between calls, you go to work; putting the practices, how-tos, processes and clearings to work. To support your soul-training, you’ll get:

  • A monthly ‘take-aways’ PDF complete with with tools to practice to embody the change

  • Optional and occasional worksheets or meditations to support putting each month’s offerings into action

  • Access to the call for 30 days to review and download for yours to keep



The first Saturday of every month there will be a live call at 11am PST. You can join via web or phone and all calls will be provided as mp3s for yours to keep!

The monthly membership is only $37. (Bree's private readings are almost $200/hr!) You can join or cancel at anytime. Join now and get last month's session for free! 


I just joined Monthly Soul Sculpt and I can’t believe I didn’t join sooner!! I feel so elevated in my mindset, emotions, & energy! The messages that came through touch my heart and I have many moments where it brings tears of joy and deep connection. I now understand our life from a higher perspective and that we truly are from the divine and are here to create what we desire for our life.
The activations we’re given have helped me to align with my true self. I love that Bree will ask any question you have about the inner conflicts we all struggle with and she’s able to channel through the practical solutions we can take to shift into ease. I can’t recommend Monthly Soul Sculpt enough!
— Annie Mand

 Photo by Brit Gill

Photo by Brit Gill

From potent collective messages to hearing answers to your and other group member’s personal questions, access direct insight from infinite intelligence, and receive the support and assets to help actualize that change in the now. Bree will also read the group intuitively each session and offer belief clearings and energetic healings as needed! 

This is about elevating your personal practices and keeping the work alive; stepping into advanced practices that fine tune your own ability to connect with your soul and expand to your highest potential and purpose and getting clarity on your personal questions. 

Think Abraham-Hicks with more tools, tips and tricks plus clearings and step by step ways to get deeper into your soul between sessions.



Bree’s monthly soul sweat sessions are definitely something to look forward too. It is simply magical listen to the light beings talk through her and let loose all the knowledge and wisdom we seek answers to. The best part is, even if you don’t personally ask something.. the questions others ask somehow relate to you because we’re all connected in the end.


While expansion is for absolutely everyone, the Soul Sweat sessions are aimed at those comfortable with diving deep into advanced practices and conversations with both Bree and the light beings she channels.


Already wondering what a ‘light being’ is? This series might not be for you - yet. AND if you’re curious to learn more, dig into the BLOG or explore Bree’s other courses where she sheds more light on her work and gives you access to your own potential as a psychic and medium (because you have it…it’s just a matter of tuning in, and turning up).

This is your opportunity to build the muscles that aid you in creating the change you want to see in your life. Step into the Soul Sweat Community and step into love, abundance, and your highest purpose and potential. Time to step out of the spiritual closet and join other awake individuals in a monthly workout targeted at a muscle that can never get enough attention (or love): your soul.


“The work I have done with you has changed my life completely. It made me feel confident believing what I knew to be true but was always so inaccessible without dogma. I learned how to access universal truth. It gave me a language to communicate more clearly in life, I return to it all the time and it continues to soak in to allow even more expansion, calm and abundance.
— Olivia French, Canada
Everything you touched on sent a wave of resounding truth through my being, I knew you were in direct contact with my soul. I felt a weight fall from my shoulders and a breath of new life move through the places that were previously blocked. I knew I was given a tremendous gift after having worked with you and couldn’t stop from smiling from the amount of space and freedom that was created. You helped me see not all growth needs to come from great pain and suffering and helped re-align me with my joy-FULL intended state.
— Sarah Blondin, Live Awake Project