...and joy, connection, creativity - all from within.

Imagine what would be possible when clarity and confidence come naturally - without conditions; when expectations and external influences melt away and deep trust of yourself, your intuition, and your soul is what’s left.

And imagine bringing this level of personal empowerment and inner peace to your friends, family, community and clientele.

Having Bree in our space was priceless. What
impressed me most was the gentle leadership and pure inner joy that radiated from her with every interaction she had with our members.
— Petit Ermitage Management

Feisty Feast 'Intuition' Event. Photos by Brit Gill

Creating significant growth doesn’t have to happen through fire walks, deep pain or years of expensive sessions. Consider that soul-deep change can occur—gently and with love, sweet simplicity, and a healthy dose of humor— in one afternoon, or or one evening, where you walk away with tools you use for life.


Lululemon Vancouver + Werklab WuWei Event 2017

Bring Bree in to help your community get to know their intuition, and experience the power of being fully expressed. Offering channeled truths, soul-stirring insights and simple practices supported by lifetimes of knowledge, Bree teaches and speaks internationally, coaching participants to use their soul’s perspective to feel and understand their reality and the world around them.

Working to dissolve limiting beliefs and support others in living from clarity and in their purpose, Bree creates healing, custom sessions for each engagement, offering insights into:


  • Intuition

  • Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship

  • Meditation + Inner Peace

  • Physical Wellness

  • Changing Subconscious Beliefs

  • The Law Of Attraction

  • Weight-loss + Health

  • Love + Soulmates

  • Past Lives

  • Empowerment

  • Angels + Light Beings

  • Connecting With The Other Side

and more...

Bree’s humor, incredible insight and professionalism was unparalleled. We sold out twice for her workshop and people are still asking for more!
— Owner, The Good Spirit Vancouver

Ready to offer your community a soul-deep experience? Bree will be in Europe this summer June-September for workshops and retreats. Canada and U.S. for the Fall of 2018.


Teams, communities, venues and companies Bree’s proudly supported in expanding:





Get a taste for what soul-deep transformation sounds like; tune in to the conversations Bree’s offered up to the podcast community world wide!


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Reach out - let’s create some heaven on earth together.