There’s no better tool to expansion than a direct connection to your soul.


To finding your purpose and living in it with clarity and confidence. To trusting your intuition and navigating choices and change feeling aligned and empowered.

Your soul’s perspective holds endless wisdom - and it’s just waiting for you to tune in. Build a bridge between you and your highest expression and access a whole new experience of life as you know it.

Offering international and online workshops and experiences, Bree brings her unique approach to spirituality through mediumship and channeling in an accessible, grounded and playful way.

She provides cutting edge tools to access your innate intuition, move past subconscious limitations, and tap into personal freedom, ease, and abundance.

And, she shares what most spiritual teachers don’t: it’s easier than you think.




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Bree: I wanted you to know that our session has changed my life. I am not kidding. My lifelong feeling of loneliness has disappeared. I can’t explain it but since about 1/2 hour after our session the ever present gooey cloud as vanished. It has not returned to this moment.
— Todd. B, Carmel CA






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My soul loves your work and your truth bombs!!!! I’ve been ‘stuck’ in my old, old patterns of limited self and working so hard to heal. Your offerings are helping me dramatically!”
— Jennifer Neta


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