My life is forever changed. I experienced the purest joy I’ve ever felt in my life. I saw my future so clearly.
— - Madison Ayers, Seattle


Breathwork is taking the main stage in the healing world and for good reason. This two stage active breathing meditation yields a transcendental experience and helps to remove emotional, mental and physical blockages. The results are unparalleled can support you in healing chronic physical issues, opening pathways for profound intuitive insight and releasing unconscious limitation or stuck energy.

Although each experience is unique, participants usually leave feeling embodied, deeply connected to themselves and at peace. By voluntarily stimulating our involuntary nervous system, we force the ‘reptile’ brain to click off and the body is free to heal and release stuck trauma. By moving an increased level oxygen up to our hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal gland we’re able to access higher states of consciousness.

Breathwork Bree Melanson
I’ve had digestive issues non-stop for the last year and pain in my gall bladder for the last 3 years with no diagnosis. It is completely gone after that breathwork class. Digestion is perfect, no pain. Mind boggling.
— Katlyn, Breathwork Attendee

the experience with bree.

Certified in leading breathwork classes and with over a decade of experience teaching and working as a medium and spiritual healer, Bree facilitates massive change within her group sessions. She uses her intuitive connection and extensive body of work with subconscious reprogramming to guide participants to release deep beliefs and blockages so that they can truly connect and communicate with their soul. Through Bree’s psychic insight and experience with working with thousands of clients, she supports participants in creating profound healing and transformation.

Classes are widely themed and can be catered to any group. Bree has been facilitating spiritual and personal development for over 10 years. Her mastery lies within getting people ‘unstuck’ and tapped in to their highest expression innate ability to heal. Through simple but deeply profound psychological formulas and channeled insight, participants are able to make lifetimes of change.

Every question I’ve ever had about my life was answered during that session.
— Abbie, Vancouver

what happens physically.

This particular breathing pattern voluntarily stimulates the autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system within a short amount of time. It also influences the ratio between oxygen and carbon dioxide (lessening C02 and increasing 02) which in turn stimulates the vagus nerve. When stimulated, the vagus nerve instructs the body and brain to relax, the heart rate slows and becomes regular and the blood pressure decreases. So we’re working through both neurobiological and psychological mechanisms, forcing the ‘reptile’ brain to eventually click off and almost forcing a state of total calmness and environment for healing to take place.

On a cellular level we’re activating the organs of the cells that are responsible for releasing and transferring energy.  The increased oxygen works through the blood system and up to the brain, also stimulating the hypothalamus gland which is the link to the nervous system and the endocrine system via the pituitary gland. What I believe is also happening is that we’re stimulating the pineal gland. (This is just coming from your spiritual medium here.) The pineal gland is known as the ‘third eye’ linking the spiritual and physical worlds; a source point for ethereal energy. This is what I believes really ‘lifts the veil’ for you to connect with your soul, the other side and universal intelligence.


  • Increased ability to manifest + access intuition

  • Release of deep emotional wounds, trauma and grief

  • Healed genetic patterning + mediumship

  • Access high states of consciousness

  • Transcending the mind + access your soul

  • Release of toxins and trapped energy

  • Stress release + deep relaxation

  • Emotional balance + overwhelming feelings of joy

  • Deep inner peace + total self love

  • Relief from physical and emotional pain

I found home again. I am now even more awakened to my purpose and the gifts I’m here to share with the world. In one session I felt completely reconnected to myself and the greater consciousness.
— Giulia Halkier, Coach and EFT Practitioner

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I am still in awe of last night. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had pain in my right shoulder and right hip, that I feel daily. Today I felt nothing. During the breathing last night, I remember the pain climaxing and then it disappeared but I didn’t think of it much until this morning. I am so aligned and pain free - I can’t get over the experience!
— Lia, Vancouver