not your conventional psychic.

Bree Melanson is an international speaker and channel celebrated for making her mark on the all-things-esoteric and self-development world. Thousands of ‘spiritually curious’ are attending Bree’s workshops to reprogram unconscious beliefs and reawaken their innate intuition. Bree’s mastery lies in her grounded approach to dissolving the divide between the material and metaphysical and unlocking the mysticism in quantum healing. The depth of her work is unparalleled; single sessions equate to years of traditional therapy and classes helping people make lifetimes of change through psychological processes, channeled lessons and somatic healing.

Her innovative processes come from her direct experience getting people ‘unstuck’ as a medium for over 10 years and channeled messages from higher consciousness that she’s translated into precise formulas and tools to empower people to live at their fullest expression. With humor and relatability, Bree has an unparalleled gift of taking deep, intense work and making it social, aspirational and highly engaging.

clients + audience.

Spirituality has caught fire in the mainstream and wellness industry. Bree’s playful and approachable nature attracts even the most spiritual skeptics, and her down to earth vibe creates an environment that is both laid back and deeply educational. Her following is growing rapidly--from celebrities to psychologists, thought leaders to artists, and even other psychics are seeking Bree’s expertise. She supports purpose driven individuals who are ready to dive deep into self discovery get to the root of their constraints and, ultimately, lead with their soul so they can live full, expressed, expansive lives.

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my story.

As a young girl, I was psychic. I talked about the spiritual world and why my soul came to earth. With time, I shut off my intuitive senses. Most of us do this as children because we're usually not taught how to foster our gifts. For 25 years I closed myself off completely to my naturally strong intuition, meanwhile becoming a self-development and all-things-esoteric literature junkie. I stacked my shelves with the titles of authors deep in their work around meditation, angels, chakras, self-help...the list goes on.

What I didn’t know was that I was slowly re-opening myself to something that was available and natural for so long. And as I got deeper into the meditations I was so drawn to sitting in, the message kept coming across, loud, clear and repeatedly: ‘You’re a Healer’. Well, at the time I was a hip hop dancer, I didn't know how it was going to play out. But it did... 

I finally surrendered and said,  "Ok, show me. If I’m supposed to do this work, I’m going to need a teacher!" Just days later she arrived and sat right next to me on a plane.  As she handed me her card, I intuitively saw myself working for her, and got a glimpse of how it would all unfold. Since then, things continue to fall into my lap in the craziest ways to support my path.

I've been certified as a practitioner and instructor in ThetaHealing, breathwork, energy work, channeling and past life regression therapy. My deepest passion is to empower people to use their ability to access the infinite. To support them in creating a clear connection with their soul and reminding them who they really are and the power they hold in the world.

where to find me.

Right now my home base is in near Big Sur, CA but I travel a lot for workshops and retreats. I'm taking a pause with personal sessions and creating an oracle deck, some new bite-sized classes on purpose, leading as empaths and manifesting… and coaching my students in Soul Sculpt and Psychic Bootcamp. This year I’ll be hosting retreats in Canada and Bali and traveling through California, NY, London, Paris and Vancouver for workshops.

Bree realigned me with my soul, highest vision and got rid of all the things blocking it. It was unlike any other experience I had been apart of.
— Alex D'Amour, Founder of On Our Moon
‘Bree Melanson is a changemaker that this world is in need of. It has been an honour to partner with Bree to bring her to our community of influential innovators and thought-leaders. Her charisma and light playful energy is synergetic with whoever is in the room, and with that naturally built rapport she creates a trusting contained space to assist others to go deep in a most brilliant way. Not one person walks out the door the same.”

— Christina Diesler, Werklab Vancouver CEO


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