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I'll tell you what most psychics won't...


Even though I always had some psychic abilities, I didn't become a spiritual medium over night. The truth is, you already are psychic, it's just a muscle that needs some strengthening. I've spent the past several years teaching people how to connect safely and clearly and I'd like to begin to help you to do the same with this free class.  Before I close registration for Psychic Bootcamp 2017, consider this a 'taste-test' of how I teach so you can see if the program is for you.

Your guides and angels are waiting to connect with you and there are some spiritual laws and just straight ego-based fears that might be keeping you from receiving their help. I'll be sharing some of my psychic secrets and ways for you to start activating and trusting your intuition right away. 



   Here's what we're covering with the free training: 

  • Easy ways to begin to communicate with your spirit guides right away

  • Where we go wrong attempting to connect + how to change it

  • How to begin to use your intuition to make decisions for your highest good

  • Discover the best way you receive information and build on other senses

  • Specific archangels you can invoke to help

  • Guided meditation to meet with a spirit guide

  • Energetic belief clearings to help you open your intuition

Meet last year's alumni + what they're saying about Psychic Bootcamp! 


Laura shares about her big shifts personally and psychically since Psychic Bootcamp...

Megan talks about how the class shifted her life path and the Psychic Bootcamp community... 

Sarah explains why Psychic Bootcamp is different than any other course and how practical being psychic can be... 

about bree. 

I'm not your conventional psychic. My passion lies within empowering people by giving them the tools to make real change on their own. My clients range from lawyers, artists, celebrities, life coaches, and even other psychics. I want to teach you how to connect with your soul, see the lighter side, activate your highest potential and do this on your own. I'm not going to tell you to take a goddess breath or that you can't find love because of a past life. It's time to demystify the mystical and for us all to tap into our innate potential. Psychic Bootcamp makes all the ethereal stuff accessible, digestible, and most of all... fun. There's no other class out there like this, that I can promise. Not only is it more advanced than anything you'll find, it also provides energetic support with bi-weekly belief clearings to help you open your intuitive senses and get past subconscious blocks. You'll get to practice with other students, have your questions answered weekly with live calls and connect directly with the group on a private facebook page, plus all from the comfort of your home...