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The Balanced Blonde Podcast Soul On Fire.

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In this episode Bree channels the Pleiadians, light beings from a higher level of consciousness. On the show they impart wisdom about all kinds of topics…

The Balanced Blonde Podcast Soul On Fire.

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Bree talks about how she helps people get ‘unstuck’ as a medium for over 10 years and channeled messages from higher consciousness…


the kelly trach show.


Tapping into Your Soul's Purpose, Channeling & Being a Medium

almost 30.


Ep. 155 - Letting Your Soul Lead with Spiritual Medium + Channel Bree Melanson

your own magic.


Part III: Bree channels the Pleaidians for a special Q + A on manifesting…


your own magic.


Part II: How to Access Your Intuitive Voice, Spirit Guides + Breathwork

your own magic.

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Part I: Developing Our Innate Intuitive Abilities

sivana podcast.


Ignite Your Intuition – Live Muscle Test with Bree Melanson


sivana podcast.


Clear Blocks to Money + Love + Health with Bree Melanson

the soul encounters.


Deconstruct Your Limiting Beliefs & Activate Your Divine Gifts

beyond the ordinary.


Bree Melanson, Spiritual Medium + Channel: Moving Past Your Blocks


mind-body-spirit series.


Trusting Something Bigger with Bree Melanson

the dance podcast.


Bree Melanson I Spiritual Medium. Spirit Shaker. Movement Maker.

conscious conversations


Bree Melanson | Spiritual Medium & Soul Trainer


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