reawaken your just takes some guidance.

Psychic Bootcamp is a ground breaking 10 week online program that super-charges your intuition and helps you become your own psychic. This isn’t a ‘meet your guides class.’ You’ll learn how to create impermeable boundaries as an empath, plug into infinite intelligence (yes you really can), practice mediumship, channel, receive guidance for others and create a true connection between you and your soul.



how is psychic bootcamp different?

Bree has been teaching others to connect for 10 years, you will be fully supported the entire way. Here’s the thing that most psychics don’t teach; your personal development is directly linked to your intuition. Bree has worked for over a decade as a medium helping people get ‘unstuck’ and aligned with their soul. This is a massive program that will support you in working through your unconscious blockages so that you can truly harness your psychic abilities. It’s grounded, fully supported and equipped to support you in every facet of intuitive connection… there’s nothing else like it.

  • Break free of lifetimes of patterning and truly open the gateway to your soul

  • Grounded, step-by-step processes to reawaken and use your intuition

  • An understanding of your life path clarity in decision making.

  • The ability to manifest with ease using your connection.

  • Feel supported the whole way through.

  • Live calls with Bree and a huge community of souls who are exploring their intuition just like you!

  • Step-by-step processes to overcome doubt and step into empowerment and trust

This is important work that is ahead of it’s time. Bree has somehow managed to create a course about very advanced topics, in a beautiful, lighthearted way. She has made things so accessible. I think what I loved most about the course is that the information is presented in a very down to earth way. Bree’s sense of humor is awesome. If you are feeling the call to do this work, do it!
— Sarah Deemestre

the psychic bootcamp breakdown...

You’ll learn the exact processes psychics use to establish their connection and receive messages from light beings and the other side. From dense and practical weekly classes to live Q+A calls with Bree, to finding support in the Facebook (massive) community and working with partners to practice your skills, you'll receive the tools to succeed and find yourself fully supported and rooted in your soul and intuition.


spirit guides + angels.

Meet and communicate and receive help from your spirit guides, totems and angels. How to work with archangels and light beings. Energetic clearings and Pleiadian activations to open your intuitive centers. Belief clearings to align you with your soul and purpose. Q + A with Bree.


Vital ethics of reading others, how to deliver messages, optional practice (and trade reading!) with another student. Second level of clearings to help strengthen your field for protection and expansion. Releasing limiting beliefs around doubt and empowerment. Q + A with Bree.

intuitive body scans.

How to do intuitive scans on the body (for yourself and others) and begin to understand the real root of physical ailments.

past + future Lives.

A deep understanding of how past lives effect us and how to heal them. Past and future life viewings and clearings. How to manifest soul mates and soul families.

moving forward with your gifts.

Build the structure of your psychic business (if you choose) and own your specific psychic gifts. Basic legalities as a healer.

vital tools for empaths.

Learn the vital practices for empaths so you never experience energy drain. How to get clear confirmations + create impermeable boundaries so you always feel safe and connected. Meet your gatekeeper!


Ancestral mediumship - how to discern who is coming through (male, female,grandparent, spirit guide, angel, etc.) Important boundaries with mediumship and how to get a clear yes/no and ways to clarify messages.


This week we take a breath, catch up + review lessons 1-4. You will receive supportive material on strengthening your intuitive clarity and more essential practices when "flying solo" connecting on your own or for someone. 

soul + animal communication.

How to telepathically communicate with your soul for guidance, communicate with animals. Third level of activations and clearings around karmic/past life blocks and ancestral patterns of sacrifice and hardship. Clearing unconscious resentments that keep you stuck.

channeled writing.

Rules to live by with channeling and how to completely get out of the way to receive messages. How to safely channel write with specific light beings.

The way Bree teaches in incredible, she takes away all the “drama” of dealing with the spiritual world and focuses on practical and beneficial tools you can use in your everyday life. It’s truly been a life changing experience for me. The course is loaded with tools, direction, guidance and massive support. It is clear, direct, beautifully laid out.
— Melissa Cantore

is it for me?

You don’t have to be—or want to be—a psychic for this course to make a massive difference in your life. You’re learning how to truly connect with your soul, which is the gateway to manifesting, expressing your purpose and living in ease.

But you WILL walk away with an understanding of how to navigate out-of-this-world conversations. You’ll step into what you’ve known within for a very long time, that you’re connected and that you are intuitive. The hands-on aspect of this course is what will catapult your intuitive abilities. I promise! (I’ve been teaching others how to use their intuition for 10 years.)

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the format. 

  • Video lessons to watch or listen to as an MP3

  • Weekly integration practices and processes

  • Hands-on practice with other students

  • Receive readings from others in the class

  • Massive library of powerful meditations and clearings to further tune your skills and move out of old patterns

  • Life shifting (home)work aimed at putting new skills into action for monumental change

  • Over 10 hours of additional group coaching and belief clearing and activation sessions with Bree

  • Private Facebook page to share, explore, dive deeper into the program, support and be supported, and connect with like minded souls

  • Live Q + A calls with Bree

  • Lifetime access to Psychic Bootcamp and group coaching


the breakdown.

Weekly lessons valued at $900

Meditations valued at $250

Clearings valued at $500

Worksheets valued at $300

Coaching Q + A valued at $1200


choose your investment option

PRICE IN FULL: $1149.00

-- OR -- 

Choose a Payment Plan:

2 monthly payments of $575
3 monthly payments of $390
4 monthly payments of $290

This course was amazing, it LITERALLY changed my life! Bree is so grounded and loving. She guides you through the material with zero drama, and is totally no-nonsense about setting up boundaries. Her approach made me feel comfortable and safe throughout the whole process. I’ve learned so much and come so far... I highly recommend this course!


how does it work?

Lesson modules will be emailed weekly, where you can access to watch or listen at your convenience, complete with a guided practice that walks you step-by-step through the week’s exercises. The program is delivered weekly so that you can get the practices in your bones. You can start at anytime!


can I go at my own pace?

Yes! Go at your own pace and digest it as you choose. Recorded calls will be provided as MP3s so you can listen when it suits you. Bree continues to offer live calls throughout the course.

how is this course different from others? 

Short answer: it’s the most grounded, tactile, technique-based approach to accessing our innate sense of intuition. I’ve compiled the best tools to uproot the biggest beliefs that keep people stuck from over a decade of teaching. Not only will you walk away knowing exactly how to access your intuition and connection, but I support you with powerful belief clearings and activations to help you step into your unlimited potential and power.

You will have concrete tools to connect clearly, safely, and without energy drain, doubt or disbelief. The hands-on application will catapult you into your intuitive abilities. This isn’t ‘meet your guides’ class, this is a dense, comprehensive program.


 is the course hands-on?

This is not a theory class. There is enough information out there you can read on your own, and I believe in giving all the value I can. This course is hands-on with vital information gathered from over a decade of working on others. You will practice with others and on your own, at your choosing. That means you’ll get readings as you go along AND you’ll be able to practice in a safe supported environment!

is there a forum?

Yes! There is a private Facebook group where you can connect with other students in the class. It's incredibly helpful to see how people are moving through the material, and what works best for them - it's also just a great way to connect and support each other! 


how much time will it require?

Estimate spending from 1 - 4 hours per week on the course content. The more time you invest, the more you will strengthen your intuition. Remember: take the course at your own pace! Not everyone will move at the same rate, there’s no race to the finish line.

do you need experience?

There is no experience required. And, we will be moving fast (remember, you can go at your own pace). Whether this is your first or 15th course, you will be given new tools and exercises to work with that support you exactly where you're at. I've had people who have been in the biz for 20 years take my course; we're ALWAYS learning and it's essential to continue to add to your tool kit!

It’s amazing to be able to tap into the wisdom of the universe to navigate through life in the most kind, compassionate loving way. Bree teaches in a very easy to “get” way despite the material being quite abstract and hard for our rational minds to wrap our head around. She wants to share everything she knows and feels that there’s plenty here for all of us. I felt so supported by her and all of the fellow classmates. It’s amazing to practice readings with others. It’s so nice to have a team of virtual psychic friends I can reach out to anytime I have something I need help or advice on when I’d like to have guidance outside of my own inner compass. I would highly recommend this course!
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