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Imagine what would be possible when intuition and healing come easily - without limitations or doubt. To be able to return to grounded practices to access clarity and a true connection with your soul. And imagine bringing this level of empowerment and healing to your community, listeners, team and clientele.


Bree Melanson is a changemaker that this world is in need of. It has been an honur to partner with Bree to bring her to our community of influential innovators and thought-leaders. The outcome at these experiences for attendees continues be of expansive impact and profound insight. Not one person walks out the door the same. I’m deeply grateful that the universe brought Bree and her magic to me, my business, and the thousands of lives she has since impacted in Vancouver.’
— - Christina Diesler, Werklab Vancouver CEO

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Bring Bree in to help your community get to know their intuition, and experience the power of being fully aligned with their potential and purpose. Offering channeled truths, soul-stirring insights and grounded practices supported by decades of teaching, Bree speaks internationally, coaching participants to use their soul’s perspective to feel and understand their life path and the world around them. Working to dissolve deep, unconscious limiting beliefs and supporting others living their highest expression, Bree creates healing, custom sessions for each engagement, offering insights into: 

  • Reawakening Intuition

  • Breathwork Facilitation

  • Meditation + Body Communication

  • Integrating Intuition Into Your Business

  • Activating Your Soul's Purpose

  • Clearing Deep Unconscious Beliefs + Old Trauma

  • Empowering Tools for Empaths and Healers

  • Money + Manifesting

  • Accessing Your Guides + Infinite Intelligence

  • Channeled Sessions Q + A

“Life changing. Every question I’ve ever had about my life was answered during that workshop.”


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Bree is the real deal. She is a total authority on all things spiritual but as easy to chat with as a close, non-judgmental girlfriend. We’ve been lucky enough to work with her in live events (she’s a powerhouse and a dream!) and have her on our show as one of our favorite guests! She is a true gem.
— Krista Williams and Lindsey Simick, Almost 30


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