think you might be psychic?

All it takes to dial up your intuitive super powers is a little guidance.

Start today. Take advantage of this free 2 hour online intuitive training by signing up below.

what we cover in the free training:

  • Easy ways to communicate with your soul and spirit guides - right away.

  • Where we go wrong attempting to connect and how to change it

  • How to use your intuition to make decisions for your highest good

  • Discover the best way YOU receive information and how to build on it

  • Specific beings and archangels you can invoke to help

  • Guided meditation to meet with a spirit guide

  • Energetic belief clearings to heighten your psychic abilities

I recently listened to the free class you had. Generally speaking I shy away from most - it not all - classes about manifesting or proclamations of that type. But your class not only resonated deeply within all the cells of my body but I literally felt like you were talking directly to me and my experience. It was an incredibly powerful experience for me. Thank you so much for making this offering to us, I am so truly grateful to be on the receiving end of your gift.
— Elizabeth Chamberlain

become your own psychic.

You’re in touch with your intuition, and listen to it...most of the time.

Imagine being able to turn towards a clear answer for how to move forward. 

Imagine being able to turn to your soul and ask what's up.

Truly harness your gifts and never experience energy drain as an empath.

And, break out of repetitive cycles completely and experience the ease and flow that comes with living in alignment with your calling.


meet alumni + what they say about Psychic Bootcamp.

Psychic bootcamp reintroduced me to my truest self - connecting, healing and remembering what we all share... If you have ANY interest in spirit, healing yourself and others, or maybe need a tune up for feeling safe and confident with your gifts (we all have them!), Bree is a strong and loving soul to guide you on your path. If your heart says yes to this course, TRUST!! A beautiful bonus is getting lots of new likeminded friends and confidants!
— Tara Stitz

about bree. 

Even though I always had some psychic abilities, I didn't become a spiritual medium over night; I took a class just like this one to help strengthen my intuitive muscles. And practiced...a lot.

I've dedicated the last 10 years to teaching others how to connect safely and clearly. And in this free class, I'm giving you the basics for how to create your own connection with your soul and guides and receive messages - in a fast and easy way. Consider this free training a 'taste-test' of how I teach so you can decide if Psychic Bootcamp is a good fit for you.

Your guides and soul are waiting to connect with you; there's just a couple spiritual laws and straight ego-based fears that might be in the way of receiving their help. I'll share some of my psychic secrets and ways for you to start activating and trusting your intuition right away.  

More on my story here...

see you inside the training!

Bree’s Psychic Bootcamp is the best gift I could have given myself. I was truly amazed at the progress I have achieved through the weekly classes, and the support from Bree and the others in class. It honestly feels like a community, a family where I have the space to learn, explore and try without fear of judgement or failure. Bree is a pure light of love, and I am so thankful for her work and for bringing these new people into my life. I go forward with confidence that I can help people with these tools.

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