Paris Attack - What It Means Spiritually

I brushed up closely with the Paris attacks last night. I was having dinner less than two blocks away from the biggest shooting. We weren't direct witnesses to bodies or chaos, but indeed close. Today I had a lot of questions to ask the light beings.


Below is the channeled material on "why" and what we can do, how not to go into fear, and how to make the change we so desperately need. 


"These occurrences continue to happen because of the imbalance that exists across your reality. It seems as though this is an isolated incident but one must consider the platform in which it grew and came about. There are countries and entities still struggling for false power by fighting against one another. There is a war on terror, which only petrifies more war. There are many atrocities that are happening now on your planet and we urge you not to dwell in the suffering but the call for change that is being summoned forth by the physical manifestations of imbalance that exist on all levels. You can begin to look within at where you may hold fear or judgment. This can seem irrelevant or unrelated but in fact is a direct correlation. How can you open your heart today, how can you recognize the divine within all beings?


Being a part of this shift means recognizing the ways in your more immediate reality that you can dissipate walls of separation and acts of fear. The struggle to keep fear alive is a tragic one. Rulers at this time believe that maintaining fear is necessary in aiding the cohesiveness or control of civilizations, what they don’t realize is that you live in a self-governing system. 


Imagine how many hearts have been activated today, imagine the way people have stopped in their tracks to consider life, the fragility and what it means to be peaceful. We do not wish to imply that trauma is needed but collectively it is where you stand.


What is learned in war from a spiritual perspective is that the ego never wins; the battle against another is primarily a battle between oneself and their connection to source. We must cease separation on every level for all that is, Is.


These outbreaks are cries for help. What parts of you are you ready to shed, let go of or give death to? There is no suffering in heaven, so as your hearts lay heavy for the departed, we ask you to see their infinite essence and role in a calling for change."


Do not feel like your hands are empty, there is much to be done.



"This is a call for help. There are so many ways that people feel unloved or unvalued in the world. They are crying to be heard. Their souls chose to be a part of this awakening and to be unplugged as we all do and also as an effect of a history of so much contrast. There is a heavy history that has been built that they were born into. You can see how strong beliefs are and what people will do to keep them and uphold them for their ego’s survival. They were not raised in a loving environment, they were taught to separate to protect from a very young age. Their souls are showing all the need for change. This is not an isolated event. These atrocities happen on many levels in many parts of the world and even within oneself.


We must pray for the suffering of the attackers as well for they feel trapped, disconnected and when one must fight for what they believe in their faith is fragile. We must see how this occurrence affects all lives."



"It is an opportunity for this imbalance to be seen. Yes, the intention of this group (the attackers), but again, ask how can we use it to our benefit or abundant expansion -  for all growth is seeded in this.  They (the attackers' souls) are seeing now that the act was not necessary but there is still much change to take place in order to create what you seek to experience, PEACE."


It is the activation of hearts that will create all the change the world needs.


What else can people do?

"If it is not possible to see their (the attackers) divine nature hidden behind their deep fear, we ask you to release judgment of what lies before you. How can you recognize the divine around you and within you today?


Allow for this activation of your heart. Do not be fearful of the outside world attacking you for this keeps you small and far away from your truth. Your swords are through and of your light. Pray for the strength to forgive your perceived trespassers and ask how you may resonate with love today.


The truth is we have the answers to peace on earth but a pointing of fingers and protection of wealth do not find this, this is done and felt by your own divine call. There are no small acts of love."

Allow for each moment a time of rebirth into light.


What is the best thing we can do from a practical level now?

"We can urge leaders to soften boarders… You can write congressmen and elect officials that have alternate ways of seeing world intervention. The practice of showing "strong" as countries will soon prove to be useless."


How do we not go into fear?

"Is it not enough to see the ramifications of a fear-based reality? This is the outcome in a heightened manner. We understand your question, how can one not perpetuate fear after this act, in credulence to one’s own physical life? The simple realization that you are a soul more than you are your physical incarnation now can do wonders. Realizing that all that before you is an illusion, for the learning of your soul and all souls, as we all are one. You must know that you are a master of vibration and you are able to protect yourself through the realizations mentioned but also as you do not give credence to what you may call dark energies, for they cannot exist in the light. To be a light walker, a light leader means to be of the light and often to light the path for others."


If we are all one, how can this “one” do such a thing?

"It is the separation from source as many of us do in varying forms through sadness, judgment, anger, etc. We are not meaning to compare small fear based thinking with such a tragic event but we are trying to make it more understandable from where you stand. We know that darkness cannot draw out the light, it is the light that prevails all because it is what you Are at your core.


Can you practice today the ways that you feel at one with things that bring you ease? Feel the way you resonate with the world around you and how you can see yourself through the eyes of others and in the things that you love, how you recognize the world around you as home as it also looks back at you as part of it.


We are reflecting each other and this is a good analogy for belief systems as well. We collectively exist in a reality, which is mutable, and through your perception of things you create your own reality, safety and well-being. We are not saying to be naive we are saying that your soul is always guiding you towards your learning, expansion and what you may call destiny. You are an eternal being here. You are more than what you see. This eternal piece of you is here to express itself through your shell, ego, body, and you desire to make the most of it. It is not that these people did not have dreams but their souls also had a probable calling. We understand it can be hard to fathom to choose such a perceived tragic ending and we know that many hearts are broken but even the sorrow they feel for the loss is their separation from source, so they mourn the same thing collectively."

Do not cower at fear, it caps your ability to create.


our individual callings:

"Please take accountability or recognize the huge imbalance and suffering in the world, not to be in pain but to realize that you all came here to be a part of this balancing act and that within you is a well of gifts to do so, a perfect piece of an ecological system that can work perfectly. Man is doing the same to nature as one does with consciousness, poking and prodding and attempting to change from places of lack when all resources, infinite resources are available if you tap into your heart, your calling and your infinite source."


How do we receive this information psychically without getting effected? 

"If there were not suffering within one, they would not be drawn down or back by these occurrences. It is natural for one to pick up information towards something that has been given so much attention but now you can see what you also feel in the world, all the suffering, and injustice to so many living things and beings and you wonder why it is sometimes hard to stay afloat. This is why inner personal work is so important. Maintaining strong in the storm and not to survive but to be a beacon of light."


"This is why it is important for ALL to answer their calling, how else will peace be acheived?"

You're already just takes some guidance.