6 Ways to Tap Into Your Mastery And Purpose

A lot of my clients have been asking about purpose lately, how to stay in the "zone" - of creativity, abundance, joy... you know the feeling. So this week I channeled the Lemurians and asked how we can fulfill our potential and tap into our mastery.


From the lemurians.... 


What is being a master?

Being a master means calling forth your highest destiny. This calling, this pull, this inner knowing, it is you. Not an idea of you, not something that you are already not. You are a master, it is just the cultivation of your true essence that summons your mastery forth. The only thing that keeps you from stepping into your mastery is the fear that you are not, a fear designed and upheld by you, no one else, just you.


So how do we get out of our way and step into our purpose?

Release all need for suffering and identifications with lack and limitation. It has nothing to do with what you are not, it is only the ability to realize oneself. Be bold in unplugging from society's ideas of wealth and what it takes to align with the idea of this. There are new paradigms being built which do not require sweat of the brow. Your calling is your remembrance that you are full. When we look onto others for our source of entitlement, love or safety we lessen our reach.


On how our enlightenment ALONE serves others...

The realization that you are a master is not a selfish one, through this expansion you pull others together towards their highest purpose. You were born with gifts like no other. This summoning of energy not only allows for the unfoldment of your soul’s highest destiny but it also activates those around you. We must remember all lessons are one. The separation of oneself diminishes your divine connection which is transmitted by means of creativity, inspiration and connectivity. You must foster this heart space as if it is your life source.


This is the only time you come here in this exact expression, it is unique and an important part of the tapestry of life.


You are the compass you often seek outside yourself. Your emotions will guide you and let you know if you’re off track. The quickest route is of joy freedom and fun. Yes, it can be that easy. We understand that this is a new concept but we propose that is really just being remembered. We call you forth through your heartstrings, allow the brain to follow.


What are some actualized steps we can take?

1. Begin each morning by setting your own intention for greatness. How will you respond to the "reality" you experience? Today I intend to see love. Today I intend to BE love. Today I intend to look for signs of all the ways I am supported in my life and the universe that I am a part of.


2. Begin to notice your ideas about your expansion and limitation. What are your ideas about success and what it takes to achieve or be seen as successful? Realize that your way to the top as you see it is seamless when you unplug from the needs and perceptions of others. This is really just your perception of what is.


3. Realize that you were born with all the natural abilities to pursue and fulfill your purpose here. You are an instrument of god, love and light. You are perfect in your composition you will create a symphony of perfection as you join with other light leaders you have known before.


4. Release all need for suffering as we have mentioned before. Allow for life to be and feel easy. Do not fight anything for you are only fighting yourself. Release judgments of the past, future and your perceived transgressors for all that IS is a gift for your unfoldment.


5. Remember you are an important part of the inner makings of the universe in itself. Much like nature works together, you have your role in balancing not just the physical plane but the hearts and souls that are here and beyond.


6. Imagine your higher purpose. It is even higher and larger than that.


As you continue to unfold all will be revealed. Allow the layers that no longer serve you to fall to the wayside; this armor only protects you from past perceptions based in fear. Fear you are not. Love prevails, lead courageously with your heart. You are like no other before, forge head with the greatness that you are dear ones. There is only now. 


Curious to what your soul has to say?