What are past lives and why do we keep coming back?

Question: Why do we continue to keep coming back? Can you shed light on why we carry limiting feelings, thoughts or emotions into a new body?


Archangel Raziel:

"In every scripture before you that rings true to your soul you understand that the kingdom lies within. You return to these bodies to encapsulate the divine life-force of which you are in the physical, it is like a school of manifestation through tribulation, meaning you gather together to understand the wholeness of life itself.


We ask you to visualize and consider these lives as facets of knowing instead of hardship experienced for it is always enlightenment that is the utmost goal and concern. So, you began all knowing, and this was euphoria, there was a collective calling or desire to EXPERIENCE all things and not just know them, and so creation began. We prefer not to call this the beginning as we are collectively here moving more and more towards enlightenment – the realization of the Self. There are infinite ways to learn, and so coming into the physical is just one way, but it is like a condensed school. Your higher self remains knowing of its true identity and chooses to come in forgetting the knowledge to really understand what Is.


We ask you to consider this higher self-perspective, free of limitation and in resonance with what Is. This is the support you always return to and ALL is upon free will. Consider your souls desire to experience life and how it may desire to see things the beauty in all, and the magic in the “show” of life. You do not have to return into physical bodies, but it is a desired way to transform this knowing into BEING.


The important thing is that all understand that there are many parts that make up the whole, the past lives are experiences, just as your life experiences attribute to who you are. You also have the free will to carry the burdens or fears, etc. So you are not karmically stuck with pain from the past, however, the lessons are important ones, it is the souls desire to come here again to become complete with these lessons, much like relationships and lessons in your current lives now. Looking at past lives can help to illuminate the perceived problem and allow the person to see something from the souls perspective.


We may better term past lives as incarnations; this deducts the idea that there is some sort of time line or linear learning. All souls are connected as well, so this learning is all a part of what you may envision to be a matrix of energy or information that all can benefit from.


From a human perspective, sometimes we seem stuck in the circumstance of the physical, but you are in a time now of awakening and there is much to be realized and created as new information is acquired from experience and connection with the etheric or "home" as you may call it. You can grow or understand as much as you desire in each life – so if you move slowly in an incarnation it is natural for less learning to occur and the need to incorporate or return to the lesson in another incarnation.


Collectively you are merging the two worlds to learn in real time now and this is changing a lot it is moving everyone along more quickly and brining many things to surface even if it is negative - it is to bring about the transformation of light.


From a souls perspective there is no suffering, and so the more you move towards this, not only the easier your current incarnation becomes but your link with the other side. Previous or future incarnations can help you in the now and all are mutable. These are also pathways for you to zoom out from the souls perspective for divine insight and perspective.


You will benefit greatly from taking these lessons head on, moving consciously in your relationships but most importantly tending to your inner world for this is where all things are born."


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