Confessions Of A Spiritual Healer

Well, I inadvertently signed up for an advanced life class. Whoops. The syllabus said: “Study abroad in a French country home – learn how to write and create your reality.” I didn’t read the fine print. Just like any young, eager student, I was like, “Pffft.... I got this, what is this Life Class 101?!” Eye roll, hair whip, and off I went.


Ironically my soul probably said the same thing, “This will be so great! What an opportunity! I can work out all the kinks and learn what it means to live unconditionally and teach others to do the same, oh this will be incredible!” Ya, super incredible until the ego gets its greasy, grubby little paws all over it.


So here I am in a French countryside, in Europe where I have always wanted to live, unplugged from nearly any obligation other than the ones I pose upon myself. I have absolute freedom and infinite material to dive into. Dreamy, right? Well, here’s where the ego takes stage. (Please, no applause, she does not deserve an Oscar although she is contending for best dramatic performance.) There are no distractions here: no yoga classes, no bustling cafes, no quick fixes, no friends to just be human with. None of these are options. This has put my ego into a tailspin gasping for attention, demanding, “Feed me! Feed this hole I have from identification with lack, quick… find something to fill it!”


I feel like I’m in rehab with my ego addiction. I can’t wait to get sober.


Meanwhile, my “team behind the scenes” is like, oh, you want to know freedom, Bree? How would you like to be free from the ego, its pull and your emotional baggage? This is true freedom, and ultimately this is heaven, the ability to live unconditionally. When you learn this, you will be free of fear and sit in peace wherever you are in the world, in any condition, place or circumstance. This is what I mean, this was not Life Class 101, it has been more like a spiritual dissertation on unconditional living in the form of a pop quiz.


By no means do I want to portray that we are being “tested” – life is not a test. We are simply given opportunities for growth and remembrance in nearly every circumstance; this is the beauty of life and free will. And I love it, I do. I giggle at myself all the time and I want nothing more than to get an “A” – but more importantly to ream the benefits of the lessons, and feel the relief in them. Ironically the ego is necessary to learn through, at least where we are now collectively. So what do we do?


How a spiritual healer attempts to slay the ego...


I seek support.

Spiritual healers have spiritual healers too. This week, I did two trade sessions with psychic healers that I esteem to be the best in the world. I'm so thankful for my resources and there's nothing wrong with seeking support. Sometimes it’s just easier hearing it from someone else, and sometimes you need help zooming out. It’s like being in a dysfunctional relationship, but with the ego. I prefer to be in an open relationship with my soul, so we go to couples counseling to get along.


The ego is pulling you to stay safe through fearful obligations as the soul does not see this as bad, but a part of the whole. The soul can use the ego to guide it through a lesson without it being the navigator, just taking into account its perspective and how it will and would effect the whole.” – Pleiadians


I connect.

What else does a spiritual healer do? She turns to Jesus, not just Jesus…but also aliens, angels, her guides, and her soul. I channel daily, numerous times a day in fact.  I keep probing for the perfect answer that will pull me out of my bad habits. They keep telling me the same thing in different words, I am the magician – I’m the only one who can pull the rabbit out of the hat. Same goes for you, you don’t have to be a spiritual healer to have the answers, you just have to get quiet and go within.


Have fun with life and remember you are the light you seek. What if your only desire was to be connected to this light? What if you could trust yourself enough to tend to your own light instead of looking onto others or outside circumstance for strength or connection?” – Pleiadians


I move through it consciously.

Like everything. Every thought. I mean as I said, I’m in ego rehab. I have to be conscious of every thought and emotion that comes up and nip it in the butt at the first craving before I end up face down in dirt spending the entire next day sobering up. Happiness is the goal. I keep my eye on the prize. What does my soul desire to learn? How can I see this from my soul’s perspective? What blessing is in the perceived hardship?


“It’s ok to have contrast, just don’t identify with it. All is revealed by tending to your soul’s heart and God connection. The game of chasing the physical will be a tiresome one.” - Jesus


 Everything is relative and we are learning the exact same thing; we are not our pain. We are infinitely expansive and all healing boils down to one thing: the ability to create your own connection instead of needing outside circumstance – to be spiritually independent. 

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