What Your Spirit Guides Really Want You To Know

As a spiritual medium I spend most my days relaying messages from the “other side.” Our spirit guides are happy to counsel us on dating, finances, and creative pursuits but this is what they really want you to know… 


1. You are never alone.

Not only are you never alone, but you are infinitely supported by energy and love you can hardly imagine. The biggest misconception is that we are separate but meanwhile we have a physical body, personal ideals, opinions and life experience that seem to contradict this.

The times that we feel sad or alone are merely moments in which we forget our fullness and infinite connection. In other words, any feeling of separation is simply a belief in a lesser version of ourselves, and our guides are there to lead us towards this remembrance.


2. It’s easy to connect with them.

They are not hiding behind a veil. They are here and ready to engage. Watch for coincidences, for there are none. When something magically appears, take it as a sign and thank them, the more you recognize these things, the stronger the bond becomes.

It’s easier for them to communicate when you make time for the space of the “in between”.  Slow down, surround yourself in nature, or meditate to help bridge the gap between you and the ethereal. Their nudges are usually very gentle. It is the slowing of the pace, the tuning of vibration and the trust in our connection that creates a stronger bond.

When we are in pain and dismay it’s harder for the divine solution to arise. It is not that they aren’t there; it’s more like we’re wearing earmuffs and can’t hear them. Instead, let pain be so uncomfortable that it pushes you into the solution. Focus on things that bring you joy and strengthen this vibration to more easily receive divine help.


3. There is no limit to their help.

We live in a finite world and generally share the collective perspective that there are a lack of resources, they exist in an infinite capacity. Imagine making a list of the unachievable, the things that seem out of your hands. This is what they are here for; to help bring about people, circumstances and opportunities to assist you on your journey.  

They receive as they give, and they are actually learning through us as well. Never feel like you are asking too much, allow yourself to relax in unlimited potential, that anything is possible. There is no task too big. They see you and life in its entirety. Ask them to work with your heart, soul and mind and be open to surprising ways things can come about.


4. You are doing better than you think.

What your guides want you to know is that you are loved, perfect, and you are right where you need to be. There are no wrong turns, only deviations from your fullness, which always awaits your return. Any step towards self-love and adoration is an admirable one for it is from this clarity that creativity is born.  

There is no judgment from their perspective, only a continual renewing of divine energy and love. Being compassionate with ourselves actually makes change easier. Releasing judgment of yourself and others is how true freedom arises.

What your guides want you to know is that your growth and thus your ability to love is infinite. What your guides want you to know the more you relax in love, the more miracles persist.


5. There is no death.

What your guides want you to know is that there is no death, there is only a continuum of energy and that we just change form. They see life like a temporary school where we learn about physical manifestations through our personal identity while allowing for this uniting, infinite energy to move through us.

What your guides want you to know is that there is no beginning or end. Time and space are illusions to the soul. This understanding also helps to shorten the distance between you and any desired manifestation. They want you to go forth as if there are no roadblocks, for there are none. The only reason they exist is your belief that they are real.


6. Everything you need is within.  

What your guides want you to know is that you came here with great insight, courage and dedication to your growth. You have access to all the information and tools necessary to live the life you quietly dream. Your guides want you to know that nothing exists within your consciousness that cannot happen.

They want you to know that you are important, that you affect the whole and that your life contributions are treasured. The biggest mistake you can make is forgetting that you are infinitely capable.

So your guides want you to know that you are a part of everything.  You are a beautiful emanation of the divine. You are all that your soul has dreamt to be and more.  Your freedom in choice is the beauty of life. 


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