Feminine Rising

Channeled messages from the Lemurians + Archangel Haniel on global change through the feminine. They talk about politics, love relationships, social media, news and some deep ways we can activate the change we are seeking collectively. 


We greatly appreciate the stand many have taken today and we applaud your efforts in activating change by using a collective voice. Now it is most helpful if you all dive deep within and ask, "How can I be a solution to the greater good?" Can you imagine if every individual who attended this march activated their highest expression?


We would like to begin by offering the perspective of the feminine vs. women. It is the feminine energy that has not been utilized to its potential in the recent past and this is the change that is required. The feminine exists not only in women but also men.


What you are all looking for right now is an upheaval of an old paradigm, what many call a patriarchal structure. The most powerful way to create this is by creating new paradigms, new ways of creating abundance and true empowerment of all. Not just in women, but also helping to empower men to be vulnerable, creative and to embrace an acceptance of a balanced self; not defined by just masculine traits, but their feminine side as well. Most were raised to over-compensate and many women have been raised to succumb. It is important for you to meet in the middle.

feminine light energy

So beyond your feminine expressions, it is the transformation of relationships between men and women that will create a revolution. You know that change is made from each person; you can see how powerful it is for each individual to make a choice to show up and come together to produce a tangible power as you have witnessed with this march. So imagine if all of these people did their best in doing this in their personal lives; changing conversations, dynamics between the sexes, and activating their own innate power. This is the change we now ask of you.


It is the balancing of tides that will bring accord. It is the calling forth of the feminine energy that can truly change the world. We are not talking about politics, we are talking about global and evolutionary revolution through the feminine. There must be a rising up of creative solutions based in love, nurturance and credence given to the softness of things. We must return and retreat into nature. We must listen to the earth, really listen. We must remind each other of our internal and infinite beauty. We must activate this knowing inside of us. We must love ourselves so that we may all express God individually.


We mustn’t blame, we mustn’t fight against. Your civilization will soon learn that there is truly nothing to fight against once you actually stand in empowerment. When you truly stand in power, nothing can penetrate you because you create all as you see fit through your vibration and expectation. So when you waiver in your own power, this is when it can be threatened.

spirit in nature

The men on your planet must be reminded that that they do not have to fight for their power either. There have been generations of fighting for survival that exists within their DNA. We all must activate our thriving selves in order to create the change we seek. We must meet in the middle, we must listen to each other.


The women’s march is a great example of diluting unnecessary societal roles and creating equality. You all know that this is being called forth in many manifestations of race, religion and class around the globe. You have a long way to go.


So what can be done?


You must begin to take an active role in your congress and elected officials. Call, write, sign petitions, show up but show up from love. Do not fight against. Cast your votes from love.


You must now begin to activate what you call your purpose. There is no better time than now. The solution lies within you.


You must change the way you are showing up in the world. Smile at strangers, ask meaningful questions, attempt to understand each other, be kind, forgive, this dissipates all walls of separation that you seek to tear down.


You must stop telling the story of the past. All that exists is a manifestation of what you thought before. What is the new story? You are not only directing your own lives but that of the collective. What is the new story you want to tell? Step into this role now.

Archangel Haniel


There is a great turning of tides now dear ones. We are with you during this time of change and we hope and support this as an evolution of love. All is perfect for your cultivation for what truly Is, love. All that exists on now in front of you is challenging you to re-identify your way of thinking, being, feeling and interacting with one another.


Your world is becoming so connected and accessible through social media; please use it to your advantage and not your demise. Tap in to share inspiration and activate change. What would your soul wish to share if you knew you were here temporarily? How would your soul wish to leave an imprint here through love? What is the story you want to tell about your time here on earth? Begin to write this story now from the perspective of the soul, that all is possible through YOU dear ones and all is now.

spiritual walk on earth

You are now able now to see the imbalances that exist more clearly in the world. We suggest you choose your feed of information carefully. We suggest you challenge those that wish to embellish truth for their gain. We ask you to remain in your personal empowerment and this is only done if you are honest with thyself. Where might you be lackadaisical? Where might you be forgetting the great change that you came to create? Where might you be missing the messages that are there for you today? Put your phones down for a day and see what happens. See how this changes the way you engage with the world around you. Show up, look into people’s eyes, ask questions, and tell the truth.


coming out of the spiritual closet

We would like to talk to you about the body. The female body represents fertility, usefulness in and as a reminder of beauty. A soft, giving nature that isn’t being used as such because she was taught that there wasn’t room for it. It is now time for women to sit in circles again discuss ideas, create change and access the power they have within for they will not get it from the outside world, no one will. Gather. Talk about ways to create change in your communities, in your relationships, in your nation and beyond.


Where does your heart pull you? What are the causes that you feel passionate about? How can you be a solution to this? If God gave you all the gifts you would need within only for you to tend to lightly, what would these be? How could you offer these to the world? Come back to your natural rhythm, listen to the body, let it guide you. You are equipped to make all the decisions you need with clarity. Any tension is there to steer you back to an easier path of love and alignment. What brings you joy? What lights you up? This is what many call your “purpose” but we call living harmoniously. This is the answer you are seeking collectively.   

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