Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet

Are you secretly spiritual?

Here are 5 ways to come out to your friends and family... 


I’m a psychic by profession but I don’t always lead with that at cocktail parties. I learned a long time ago be gentle with words when people would quietly shuffle away from me when I talked about ‘past lives’ and ‘soul readings’. With time I became accustomed to being more tactful and I’d like to share some tips with you in hopes of luring you out of the spiritual closet too.


If you’re like me you probably began hiding your spiritual preference a long time ago. The thing is, as children we’re naturally intuitive and highly connected but we’re just not taught how to foster these senses so we respond fearfully by shutting them down. The good news is our souls are relentless and our intrinsic curiosities eventually lead us back on our spiritual path. I spent most of my young adult life coveting my woo-woo theories and fascination with the spirit world until I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I eventually came out to everyone as a full-blown psychic. To be honest it was the best thing I ever did and it helped lot of people around me come out as well.


If you’re hiding your self-help books and crystal collection before your friends come over or sneaking off to consult a psychic, here are five ways to make your spiritual transition easier:


1. Use Language That’s Comfortable

I try to asses how liberal or conservative a person may be before I start talking about moon cycles and downloads. For example I may not lead with ‘psychic’ but I can talk to most people about the subconscious. Keep it general and explain things in ways that may be easier for them to digest. So instead of saying, “My angels told me everything would be ok,” try keep it light and say things like, “I’m trusting that things will work out and trying to remain positive.”


2. Use Humor

Humor is the best way to shift energy and bring light to difficult subjects. My friends teased me about my parking angels ploy until they saw how it incredibly it worked – I can assure you they’re using their own now. So if I call someone and they exclaim, “How did you know I was thinking of you?!” I might joke, “Who’s the psychic now?” Have fun with it and let it be light.


3. Don’t Try To Define Anything

Religion and politics are generally tough zones to explore. Talking about God, the universe, or something outside of us can make anyone uncomfortable.  Conversations like this challenge our belief systems and on a deep level challenge our ideas about our identity. Instead of needing to explain the law of attraction, just mention you’re paying more attention to how you feel and basing your decisions around that.


4. Don’t Defend.. Your Soul Would See It Differently! 

Fun fact:  if you’re secure with your beliefs, you don’t have to fight for them.  Be ok with saying, “It’s just something that works for me, it’s fun to believe that anything is possible.” Bring it back to love and positivity because everyone can relate to that. Let people not be ok with your beliefs. They’ll probably come around with time if you allow for them to have their own process. After all, the whole point of being spiritual is to practice compassion and non-judgement. Generally it's our healing that's important. Try looking at why it's hard for you for them not to be on the same page. Your soul probably placed them in your path to heal this very thing! How would your soul see it? 


5. Be About It

The best way to influence is by example. Being spiritual doesn’t look a certain way, you don’t have smell like patchouli or breathe deeply all the time. Your friends will start noticing and asking more questions when they see the shifts in your life. The “woo-woo” world is hitting the mainstream and it’s becoming more grounded… and maybe even cool.  We’re leaders of a new movement and redefining what it means to be spiritual. You’re a part of that.


If you’re drawn to new-age spirituality there’s a reason. There’s something within you pushing through and it’s the bigger part of you knowing its infinite potential.  This new movement that’s in contrast to old dogmatic structures allows us to be more flexible in how we define ‘God.’ It’s not always an easy subject to navigate but there’s a way to be bold and help push consciousness forward without offending anyone or turning them off. If you can manage, chances are you’ll help them come out of the closet too and activate the very same light within that is waiting to be ignited. You may have to let people or parts of yourself go, but only the ones that are keeping you small. The universe will always provide support along your path, wherever you choose to step. 

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