Top 10 Questions I Get From Clients

Here are the questions that I hear the most... and a free PDF of who is probably on your 'team behind the scenes' to help you strengthen your bond with them. 


Who are my guides? 

AKA, "Who are you talking to anyway, Bree?!" If you’ve had a reading with me you’ve probably heard me say, “They are suggesting, … what they’re showing me is… etc.” Since our ‘teams behind the scenes’ are diverse, I’ve created this free PDF that breaks it down for you so you can begin to strengthen the bond between you and them and get a better idea of who usually has your back etherically ;)

Click here to get your free guide to who's on your team! 



Do I need to have a particular issue to get a reading?

Nope. If you want to just have a chat with your soul or your guides, you can book a one-hour session. They'll give us advice on literally anything; work, love, money, you name it. I’ve noticed that the energetic and belief clearings create the most change, so I always recommend 2 hours. BUT you don’t need to have a major issue, in fact, it’s always better to book at the onset of something, when you feel a shift coming on that way you can speed up your expansion and abundance instead of getting set back and a little. Having a session can also help you to open up your bond with them and your own intuitive senses. You can always just check out my schedule and book from here. 



How often should I have a session?

Physical issues, low numbers in your bank account, struggles with love and creative blocks are all manifestations of emotional and subconscious programming. Everything is energy and thought first, then the manifestation. Our spiritual and emotional balance is the most important factor in our total well-being. 

Generally people come to see me 2-3 times in the beginning so we can really do a deep clearing of old subconscious childhood patterning, genetic lineage and soul experiences. I'm not a life coach, I want you to be empowered to make big change. I have clients that see me once a month, and others that see me once a year, it’s really up to you, but the seat of the soul is where all healing and change takes place. 



I feel like I’m intuitive too, am I?

Yes. Heck yes. If you feel like you are, you really are. Intuition is an innate skill, everyone is psychic, we’re just not taught how to use it so it can go dull if it’s not used. Psychic Bootcamp is my signature program where I teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to do readings and healings for yourself and others. I don't believe in withholding information, you can do what I do and I'd love to teach you!



Am I on the right track?

You are always standing in the perfect place for your next stage of expansion. Our souls and guides hold zero judgment and they will always see and share the highest possibility for us. If you are feeling a sense of doubt, try to see it as inspiration for something new to emerge... maybe a creative idea or slight shift in direction. What I notice the most is that people do know exactly what they want, they just don’t allow themselves to really believe that it’s possible so they stay in what's comfortable, but this is stifling for the soul. Meditation is the best practice in aligning with your higher self and potential. You can try this one for free here and you can use it daily to clear your energy and connect with your soul! 



How can I manifest what I want quicker?

The universe is giving you exactly what you believe to be possible. This is why belief work is so powerful but you can make some real changes by just starting to notice your inner conversations and begin to shift yourself into a better feeling frequency - basically, get happy. I always recommend Abraham Hicks videos on youtube, I also have a new Master Manifesting Class where I dissect the most common issues and blocks I've noticed with clients over the years and how to shift them on your own.

I also have a free service called Channeled Daily - you can get short channeled messages from archangels and light beings straight to your inbox to help you manifest and create abundance in all areas of your life. 



Have I had a past life with ____ before?

Yes. We've known most everyone in our lives before. Our relationships with the most condensed learning (i.e. partners, family members, close friends, even work associates) are usually souls that we have repeated lifetimes with. If you’re interested in looking at past lives we can during your personal session, they help to illuminate the soul’s lesson and perspective so you can move through the relationships with more ease.



I want to refer a friend/my partner, is that ok?

You betcha. I’m always honored to be referred. Seeing a psychic may not be comfortable for everyone. That said, my approach is really grounded and digestible for most. You can always just refer them to my website so they can see for themselves, check out other client’s experiences, or get in touch with me directly if they have specific questions. 



What should I expect after a session?

Everyone’s experience is different. The short answer is change! Some people feel profound change right after a session and for others it can take a week or two. Generally you will feel more light, clear and optimistic. The energetic clearings create a tangible shift in your life, not only in the manifestations of things, but also how you feel. You can check out some of my client's experiences here



How did you develop your skills?

I didn’t become a Spiritual Medium over night. I was really intuitive as a child, but most of us are. You can read more about my story here.