Ghosts and Goblins

Around two thousand years ago the Celts celebrated their new year on Nov. 1st  with the “Samhain” festival. It marked the end of summer and the beginning of the darker days, dying crops, and an interrelation with death. They believed that the boundary between the living and the dead became more transparent at this time and declared the night before, Oct. 31st as the passageway when ghosts temporarily returned to earth, making the spirit world more mutable and lifting the veil that separated the physical and non physical. It was later named St. Hallows Day (now Halloween) as a day to honor souls, saints and martyrs in which people would leave offerings to the dead, and walk the streets with masks to disguise themselves as spirits.


The truth is, ghosts and goblins are more real than we’d like to believe. As a child, and throughout most my life I’ve encountered more hauntings and duels with ghosts than one would wish for. I’ve been chased out of homes and had countless sleepless nights as a result of vacant footsteps, swinging doors, moving objects, …you know, basic ghost protocol. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally learned how to “ghost bust”. You don’t have to be a spiritual healer or psychic to do it, you just need to know the basics.


Ghosts vs. The Transitioned

In the beginning of my healing career, my spiritual teacher told me I could be a “medium” I was like, no thanks! I’m good. In fact… hells no. But only because I hadn’t learned this: there is a big difference between communicating with someone who has transitioned vs. a ghost. Ghosts have missed their window to go “home” – eventually they all make it to the other side, but they’re kind of stuck in between realms. This happens for a number of reasons but usually it’s a traumatic death or unfinished business that keeps them stuck. This is why their energy is often agitated and sporadic.


Our loved ones who have safely transitioned home can communicate with us in different ways depending on our “openness”. They can come to us though dreams, scents, telepathically and even through songs, signs or seemingly serendipitous events. Their energy is soft, loving and light. Generally they have good boundaries and you will feel safe with their presence and communication. Be it a ghost or a visitation, the most important thing is to not be afraid.


If you ever find yourself haunted, fret no more, here are some useful facts and a step-by-step guide to ghost busting!

1.     They could use your help. Often ghosts are distressed, confused and sometimes they don’t even know they are dead! “Casper, is it? I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re like, dead.” They can literally be stuck for hundreds of years feeling lost, helpless and fragmented. I go crazy watching those ghost shows when they pick up the EVP recording and the ghost is actually saying, “Help meeee.” They need your help!

2.     They are bugging you for a reason. They know you can feel them. If you’ve been haunted before you are sentient, you have a stronger 6th sense than most people. Just because you can sense things doesn’t mean they have power over you!

3.     They’re not the boss of you. Your fear only feeds their energy. There are some darker, more dense spirits out there, but you can protect yourself through your own connection, power and light. When you turn on the light switch in a room, the dark goes away. Same goes for your light, it’s more powerful than the dark.

4.     It’s your playing field. They are literally stepping into the physical realm, our home turf. So you have the right to tell them to scram. 


You can tell them to go (and even send them to the light for good) and here’s how:

Ground. Take a moment to breathe, imagine sending your energy into the earth and then pulling the earth’s energy up and through your body, imagine sending your energy up as far as you can imagine above your head.


Connect. Imagine and create the connection with the divine/universe/god (whatever you call it). Imagine this divine light above you, through you and all around you. For extra juju, you can ask to be surrounded by this light and Archangel Michael, who helps to protect and clear energy and Archangel Azreal, who helps with transitions and death.


Command. Simply command (do not ask!) “In the name of (divine/universe/god) it is commanded that this energy completely leaves, not to return here. May it be sent to the light in love and remembrance of its wholeness.”


Witness. Using your imagination, (this is you being a part of the witnessing) imagine the energy being sent completely away, out of the space and up as far as you can imagine, like it is being vacuumed up and out.


Protect.  Imagine a light surrounding the entire space you are in. Ask the divine/universe/god/angels to create a protective barrier. Ask that all energies are cleared and that the space is not protected by a bubble of light.


Interested in learning more about the spirit world?