Some manifesting tricks + all things France!

I hope the first days of summer are greeting you with warmth and inspiration! I’m in the South of France spending a few days in the dreamiest spot (link below) for a mini-writing retreat. I’m in the midst of editing my ‘Soul Cards’, similar to a tarot deck but designed as a tool to will help you to communicate with your soul, get clear on life lessons and move into your highest expression.

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A quickie on manifesting…
One of my bigger ‘asks’ to the universe lately has been to meet more ‘masters’ – people who are really in the flow with their creative outlet and expression. I was doing some visioning work at our last retreat and I saw myself working with masters on the planet. We were supporting each other and then going out into the world and shifting things in a powerful way. It hit me out of the blue, it didn’t have to do with making money or ‘going big’ in an egoic way, it was more of a soul desire. It’s wild how fast the response can be, especially when you ask from the soul.

The owners of Camellas-Lloret where I'm staying are incredible masters in their own right, in the arts and in the healing world. My heart has been so expanded the past few days, I am in great gratitude for so many prayers being answered in one week. We’re dreaming up a retreat here this year and other collaborations with Camellas-Lloret (your spiritual home in France)! You can check them out here ... you’re welcome. It's the dreamiest place I have ever stayed. 

Want to become a master manifestor? 

Asking your soul... 

I share this because it can be helpful to consider what your soul wants. Even with our more physical desires. For example, 'Bree' could want a best selling book, but my soul probably doesn’t care about that. My soul cares more about making a shift collectively, raising the consciousness of humanity.  See the difference? I can still get a best selling book! But if I focus on the more heart based ‘why’ I actually have a greater likelihood of getting there (and probably faster)!

The soul will always give us the short cut if we listen. Sometimes it's as simple as meditating and asking your soul what it desires, doing some free writing or surrendering by offering, "I'm ready to see this from your perspective, I'm ready for you to lead."

Speaking of FRANCE... 


We're now taking applications for our next Soulful Entrepreneur Retreats in Canada and France 2019!  Our recent retreat in Provence was so very transformative. It was a beautiful melange of ladies from around the globe who really stepped into their power and purpose, it was a true love fest. I channeled Mary Magdelene after visiting part of her line of sacred spots. It rocked our hearts and our souls. You can find photos here. I hope you can join us next time! 

Intuition Workshops In Europe...


For those of you in Paris near by, or know friends that might be interested, I’m teaching an Intuition Workshop next Saturday from 4-7pm in the Marais. We’re starting with an hour of yoga and then moving into meditation and a class on how to tap into your own psychic senses!

I'm planning one in London and Zurich within the month, email me if you're local I'll be sure to send you an invite! 

Space is really limited for the Paris workshop, so make sure you get your tickets now! There are just a few spots left. 


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