Confessions of a Spiritual Healer (Love Advice From My Soul)

Spiritual Healer Confession... 
I was feeling pretty crappy the other day, I let my ego get the best of me. In my defense... it puts up a real good fight, doesn't it?! It happens to the best of us, conditions are so alluring. Before we know it we find ourselves hooked on someone or something, hanging by their every movement, grasping for control like a fish out of water.

I watch myself go through it like, "Girl, here it is again don't take the bait, go back to yourself. My ego quickly grabs the wheel like, "Thanks for your unsolicited advice, I'm gonna stick to my maneuvering and manipulating thank you very much." So I rolled around in projecting and imagining what the other person was doing, thinking and how I could gain back 'control'. I entertained the discomfort for a bit until it was just time to pick myself up. 

A quick trick to walk yourself back to alignment…

So this is what I did, I took a dose of my own medicine. Ya know, what I may have told you to do? Ya, I'm learning just like you. This is the process I used, two simple prompts... and it really worked!

1. What's the new story I want to tell? 

The new story I wanted to tell was that, "I am love and that everything else is the grand illusion that we learn through." *Think of it as a truth you want to access and state it in the "I am."

2. If I tell this new story then I would ... 

This is the game changer. With every new thought I started with this and I wrote and wrote until I found my truth again. "If I knew that I was love, I would know..."


An exert from my journaling practice... 

'If I told this story I would have no agenda. I would simply be. I would hold no fear to protect. I would not clench… I would not hang on anyone’s word… I would be here now. 
If I were to know that I am love I would stand in love, I would let whatever they say fall upon my ears without puncturing my heart. I would be relaxed, I would listen and I would honor their experience. I would know we are both just moving through this web of life experience which is really just love, along side each other but autonomously. 

I would not project my fears into the future, I would feel in the moment and summon love consciousness as well as I could. I would take time to remember this often as I could. I would know that this is my healing.. not the pattern… definitely not the person, but the love, the summoning of love.

So if I am to tell the story that I am love I would know that it can never leave me, that if I place my eyes softly enough I can see it and feel it in everything I experience. If I were to tell this story I would know that everyone is God. That if this is the case, they would be lovingly returning me back to myself, the biggest gift that can be given.'


I wrote a few pages like this and it really whipped me back into alignment and clarity. It was such a beautiful process of moving from judgement and pain to compassion and truth. In the end I felt gratitude for the gift that was really being bestowed (albeit in disguise!) But the truth is we can arrive at our soul's perspective quite easily if we just go within. So thank you infinite love and freedom dressed up as a 'mixed signals man'... I didn't see it coming, you got me again, but thank you. ;) 


Give it a try and let me know how it goes...leave it in the comments below!

I'll be coming back to this process for sure. A little soul goes a long way. I hope this helps... we all get forgetful sometimes and we have to be easy on ourselves. After all, our truth is that we are love and everything else is the grand illusion that we learn through. And isn't this learning so beautiful?!?




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