How Are You Tending To Your Purpose?


I turned 40 this month. Gulp. It wasn’t the easiest pill for me to swallow. Birthdays (and especially the more monumental ones) can inspire us to be a little more…shall we say, reflective. Perhaps in attempts to dodge collective dogmas about aging and vanity, I declared this chapter of my life to be about self-mastery. I want to create a deeper, more intimate commitment to greater expansion and my soul’s expression. I want to get out of the way. I want to show up in service. I want to cut the BS.

NBD right? I know it’s no small feat, so I’m doing a few things to set myself up for success (including sharing it here with you! #accountabilityyyyy)


    One of the most powerful ways I like to support my clients is helping them to create specific ways to invite their soul in. We say we want to be more intuitive, more in tune with our purpose, but how much time are we actually carving out for our souls?

    So I mapped out my ideal daily ritual…

    * Free writing every morning * Meditation with visioning * Channeling * Movement * Time in nature * Writing 1-2 hrs a day * Reading 30 min a day. 

    The important thing is to start where you are. Consider what feels possible but a little bit like a push. What would help to bring your infinite knowing in? What truly feeds you? If you think of yourself in your highest expression, what is he/she doing? How are they spending their days? What activities might bring more of ‘their’ essence in?

    We might not hit the mark every day with these, so be easy on yourself. These will shift and change depending on where you’re at and what your soul needs.


    The second thing, (but no less profound) is to constantly return to my deeper ‘why’. I’m very thankful to be able to do something that I truly love, but it’s still real easy for my ego to hijack what’s good and pure.

    Bree’s needs are cute, they really are. Dreams of a little white Porsche, a house in France, acclaim in my industry, a man. (lol?) But is my soul in need of those? Nope. Is it ok to have desires? Sure! We just can’t lead with them. There’s a big difference between a need and joyful desire.



What would I do if I wasn’t getting paid? What truly lights up my soul? Where does divine inspiration flow?

Given any ‘goal’ or creative project, if I’m doing it for money or to ‘expand my reach’ it’s kind of an empty desire… so guess what’s on the other side of that? Ya, not a lot. So I sit with that.. daily… I try to feel it, WHY am I saying yes or no to a workshop or project. Strangely enough it takes some courage to say yes to ease because of our conditioning, but it truly is the path to abundance.

This is the re-alignment that we need to check in with constantly. The nature of the entire universe is change. Staying the same in our business and self expression goes against every part of our natural state of being.

The other thing that helps me jump off the ego’s hamster wheel of conditions (weeee!!!) is trying on the perspective of my soul. So Bree wants to write a best-selling book, or to create her oracle cards (shameless plug) so that they reach the masses. But why would my soul want to carry these out?

Why would my soul desire to create any given project or event?

Bree might want them to be a ‘success’, and at the core she may want people to approve of her…she may hope for praise or fame. But my soul probably wants to help elevate the consciousness of the planet, bring a sense of comfort to others, remind people of their light, move through the creative process to arrive more fully at self-love and awareness. Feel the difference? The soul’s desires are expansive, abundant, rich… the very things ‘Bree’ is dreaming of! The soul will always give us the short cut to our grandest desires, it’s just not as quiet as the ego’s screams for attention. ; )

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Share your daily ritual below, I’d love to hear your ‘why’!