A New Year Manifesting Process That Works

Whether you’re a die hard for setting New Year’s intentions or over the hype, it’s a powerful time to hop on the collective momentum of change and conscious creation.

I’d like to share the process that I’m doing this New Year’s that really resonated for me. It’s an easy way to connect with your infinite self to manifest and it will give you the inspiration you need to carry out those big goals. It also supports you in getting clear on the lessons that your soul is trying to expand through so that you can create from more clarity and potency in the year to come.

Anytime we want something, what we’re really yearning for is an emotion, a sense of being… in essence, alignment with our infinite self. We learn through physical manifestations (relationships, money, goals)… but it’s all about getting sober to our true potential and Self.

That’s why when we set our goals and intentions, it’s important to tap into our ‘deeper why’, our soul’s purpose, so that we can expand with the manifestation to create more potency. Otherwise, we’ll likely be left feeling unfulfilled and run the risk of getting trapped in the ‘need’ (and therefor lack and limitation) vs. the ease of our soul’s ability to create. When we align with our soul’s intentions it’s easier for things to come in because we’re in joyful expectation and desire. We’re packing a lot more punch, we’re giving the uni something to hold onto.





What were my biggest lessons in 2018? What did I learn from them?

Most likely this is where you struggled a bit. S’ok. We can’t expand without contrast. What was hard this year and what was the silver lining? (Even if you’re still learning those lessons.) What was it that your soul was probably wanting you to step into?


What is the cost of not absorbing the lesson(s)?  And is it worth it?

For example, one of my biggest lessons was not going within enough. What happens if I don’t go within? My body suffers, my work suffers… If I don’t go within as I’m called to, I won’t be as financially fluid, I won’t be tending to my purpose, I’m not doing what I came here to do! Is it worth it? Um, nope. But this helps me to see how detrimental it is to my total well-being and soul’s purpose.


What can I be proud of this year?

No humble brags here. Go for it. What went right? Where did you expand and thrive?



set your intentions.

WHAT do I want (specifically)?

This can be very ‘physical’, let it be big and make sure it’s specific. ‘I want to make 200k this year. I want to lose 30 pounds. I want to meet a life partner that I can grow with.’


HOW will I get there?

What’s it going to take to get there? What are the steps? Break it down.

WHY do I want it? Why would my SOUL want it?

This is the kicker. With each step it will take to get there, write out your deeper why. Why you really want to do it.

For example, I want to publish my soul cards this year because they’re beautiful, helpful and good for biz. But why do I really want it? I want to publish my soul cards because people need to hold something in their hands and hearts to remind them that they are love and infinitely capable. A physical reminder of their potent truth. So that they have easy pathways to access consciousness, a sacred keepsake from their soul.
I did this for every project and it generated the inspiration and momentum I'll need to carry out these goals. I wrote them down so I can continue to come back to them. By aligning with our soul’s purpose and potential, we give the uni something to grab onto, we enhance our power (and we motivate!). 80% of success is psychology, and the rest is strategic! I hope this helps you realign with your truth as we approach the new year. If you’re looking to go deeper in your biz or creativity, check out Psychic Bootcamp below!



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