The Power of Breathwork

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when intuition leads to transformation.

So I’ve been ‘visiting’ the other side as a Spiritual Medium for 10 years, I’ve had some powerful energy activations that really shifted me …I channel other dimensional beings for god’s sake! But my experience with breathwork was different.


In hindsight my soul was nudging me, but I had no literal idea what was in store. Last year I was inspired to upgrade my offerings a bit, I thought it would be a nice ‘add’ to guided meditations. I had done a short breathwork session before and was impressed by the immediate release I felt. It wasn’t anything notable, but something was calling me to it. I had a few clients who did their training with David Elliott, so I followed suit. I signed up for the class like, “This’ll be cute.” (Spoiler alert, it was not cute. It was like being catapulted into another dimension and back.) On the second day of the training I had a total awakening. I literally went to the other side and back. Yes, I know that sounds less impressive coming from a spiritual medium, but this was different.



my awakening.


I hit a point in the first full session we did where my entire soul dropped into my body. I was shown the meaning of life. I was completely connected to everything. I felt like I actually I crossed over and came back to life. When I ‘came to’ I sobbed and sobbed like a baby, I couldn’t control it. It was like a rebirth but there was an incredible opening, a new presence that entered. And the entirety of that presence didn’t leave for three days. There was an over pouring of love coming through me. I couldn’t look at anyone in the eyes without experiencing their soul and magnificence and coming to tears. I had absolutely no needs, I was completely present, I felt like magic was running through me. It was heaven on earth IRL.


So I think this happened for two reasons. First, there was a desire (somewhere out there) to show me what was possible, what it actually felt like to embody the soul. Not as a concept or an idea, but truly physicalized. I mean I was in the midst of Hollywood and all of its chaos and was still completely love-drunk with the beauty of it all. The people who I would usually see as lost, the disorder, the tiniest expressions of nature, all I could experience was love consciousness.


The other reason I believe it happened is because of the work I’ve been doing for so long with with clients and personally. I’ve spent the last 20 years focused on my own spiritual and self-development work and connecting intuitively for others for a decade. Through all the years of inquiry, surrender and listening, I created a bridge for it to come in through, a foundation for it to drop in. Conversely I think it ‘left’ after 3 days because my life doesn’t sustain it, I haven’t yet created the conditions for it to be fully here.

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Now I haven’t had that experience since (and I may never again) but I continue to have incredible breakthroughs. I’m still discovering the depths of what’s possible through this modality. I’m playing with the tools I’ve been given through channeling and what I know works cognitively to shift beliefs. I feel like a mystical chemist brewing up different potions for manifestations and transcendence, and I’m so into it.


To be honest, it’s my favorite new thing to lead. This in itself is one of the biggest gifts I have received so far. When I’m leading others I get to see the totality of their pain but in a light of purity and perfection. I see people in their most vulnerable and true state, I see their soul.


the breathwork experience.


I’m still trying to figure out what to include on class descriptions. I just want to write, “Like ayahausca, but not.” I’ve had people come to workshops seeing the title, ‘breathwork’ and thinking, “Ya, ok, ya…. I can do that I breathe all day, no prob.” I know their soul has nudged them just as mine did but “Buckle up, buttercups!”



“I experienced the purest joy I’ve ever felt in my life. I was able to see my future so clearly.”


“I’ve never felt more alive and more powerful in my body.”


“Every question I’ve ever had about my life was answered.”


“I am still in awe of last night. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had pain in my right shoulder and my right hip, that I feel daily, and especially when I work out. Today I felt nothing. During the breathing last night, I remember my hip pain climaxing to the most I’ve ever felt and then it disappeared but I didn’t think as much of it until this morning. I was so aligned and open and pain free - I can’t get over that experience!” 



It’s important to note that everyone’s experience is different, and each session is unique. What I experienced isn’t common. Further it’s not sustainable or even helpful to have an awakening every time you do it. My understanding is that we have to work through the ‘life stuff’ to catch up with the transcendence. Depending on where you’re at physically and emotionally and what your soul knows is best for you will determine the depth or the gentleness of the session. Of course it also has to do with the guide, the length of the session, etc. But the point is, sometimes you might just have a little release, and we gotta trust that that’s exactly what you need for that day.  


what physically happens when you do breathwork.


Through this particular breathing pattern we’re voluntarily stimulating the autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system. By igniting our homeostatic systems there’s a calmness in the body that’s activated and it also informs the brain to relax. So we’re working through both neurobiological and psychological mechanisms, forcing the ‘reptile’ brain to eventually click off and almost forcing a state of total relaxation and environment for healing to take place.


We’re also influencing the ratio between oxygen and carbon dioxide (lessening C02 and increasing 02) and increasing the PH levels in the blood. On a cellular level we’re activating the organs of our cells that are responsible for releasing and transferring energy within the cell and the body.  The increased oxygen works through the blood system and up to the brain, stimulating the hypothalamus gland which is the link to the nervous system and the endocrine system via the pituitary gland.


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What I believe is also happening (this is just coming from your spiritual medium here) is that we’re stimulating the pineal gland. The pineal gland produces and regulates melatonin and hormones but is also known as the ‘third eye’ linking the spiritual and physical worlds. Esoterically it’s known to be the main source point for ethereal energy. The pineal gland has always been said to be our connection to the supernatural world. From what I’ve witnessed within watching hundreds of people transcend – this feels and makes the most sense. The breathing pattern forces the monkey mind to switch off, for our nervous system to relax and we simultaneously open the channel for your soul to drop in.



want to dive deeper into breathwork? or try it for the first time?  

I created this meditation for first timers or for those who just want a gentle breathwork meditation. It’s about 13 minutes long, and you can access it below for free.

upcoming breathwork classes in california, vancouver, london and paris.

Since it’s my new favorite thing, I’m incorporating it into my workshops. I use my intuitive connection to guide the group and help you to clear out whatever you need so you can live your best life. ;)

share below! i’d love to hear about your breathwork experience! …