Turning Manifestation Fails Into Wins

confessions of a spiritual healer.

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I manifested something I had been asking for but I hadn’t done the deeper work of defining what it was I really wanted. I suppose I wasn’t being honest with myself or the thing that I really wanted was too scary to bring in. So as the laws of the universe go, I got exactly what I asked for. But as the laws of the ego goes...it wasn’t enough. I rode short, victorious high but it quickly turned to suffering. Previously convincing me that I just needed this 'one thing' the ego almost immediately demanded (more) conditions to be satiated.

AKA ‘One-way ticket on the struggle bus, please!'

But this is the danger of calling something in on the ego level, its a trap. It just continues to perpetuate negotiation tactics. This doesn't mean we can't have desire, we just have to be aware of 'where' we're asking from. And hey, there are no wrong turns; we can always pivot towards the soul. And by doing this, I can actually catapult my growth (and call in something much more in alignment next time!)

So what's a spiritual healer to do? Take her own medicine perhaps?

Here's how I flipped it.

I made it about my growth vs. the condition. I focused on shifting the pattern, not the person. My new goal was to make my soul proud. No amount of energy clearings can hold a candle to moving through something differently. This is how we change our reality. This is how we heal.

I connected. I got out of the way and asked for advice. (See below on what my soul offered.) If you're not in the place to channel messages clearly (yet!), the power of surrender is profound. 'I'm ready to see your perspective on this, please show me.'

I generated gratitude. I made a short list of the great things about the circumstance and new set point for manifesting. We collect data (our reality) based on the beliefs we hold. The only way we really know what we want is by defining that ...very often through contrast.

So now I'm just continuing to redirect. Healing happens in the moment. If I become seduced by the ego's stories I try to gently bring myself back to the above. I know that create my reality, so what's the new reality I want to create?

A short piece from what my soul shared below (on how to get off said struggle bus). I hope you find it helpful as well.



shifting your reality. 
a channeled piece from my soul to yours. 

'It is not easy to look into the crevices where you do not stand sure-footed but this is the only way you can get there, dear one. You have now declared what you are ready for and we believe this to be wonderful. We are encouraging you to keep your heart open as you move through this process.

Ask yourself, ‘What do I love? How do I uniquely offer my love? What do I love about my life? And what is possible when I allow myself to love… to love this circumstance, to love my pain, and to love the other in their pain?’

Release the ego’s meek attempts at finding validation through another. As you know this is not real and will get you nowhere. Return to the deeper knowing that you are one.

This circumstance is merely reflecting to you a belief… many beliefs… it has gifted you an expansive new belief in a concrete way and you must transform the others.

You can practice getting in the body, putting your energy into your fruitful projects and realigning from this space.

Let your joy be unconditional. You can still be going through unwanted circumstances and choose joy. We are not to say that you must suppress your emotions, we are merely saying you can dissect where they are coming from and heal THAT.

Your healing is to remain in your power. It is to be you. It is to not waiver or offer it to another. It is to know your worth regardless of circumstance, this is freedom.'


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